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If you are against Thanos, you are on the wrong side.

I'm a faithful believer that the Umbrella Corporation (Resident Evil) eventually branched enough to become the Weyland Corporation (Alien)... their playbook is almost identical.

And probably, it was the result of the Cloverfield paradox.

A guide to the importance of commit messages and how to write them well

(submitted by walterbell)

Progressive Web Apps offer the best experience for everyone. They are easy to access, don't necessarily require instalation, are easily updatable, allows everyone to access then instead of creating proprietary silos on app stores, offer the same experience on all devices.... their only problem is that people don't understand them.

Is there such a thing as a GPLv3-like license but without asking for code disclosure?

A third major rewrite on ended up creating a React-Polymer kind of framework with react life cycles bit with custom elements... things are getting crazy.

That akward moment you realize you commited something you shouldn't have on a repository and you already pushed it...

I always wake up with the hope of having a cup of coffee at some point during the day...

Be nice to people on your way up because you meet them on your way down. - Jimmy Durante

@ayo Yeah, that's true, but then it enters the infinite loop of no audience so no content, no content so no audience :/

It deeply saddens me to see so little talk about on the fediverse... are all visual novel creators just on Twitter?

Carpe Diem and Momento Mori are a glass half empty, glass half full situation.

All operating systems should always include a "Minimal Install" option that just installs the OS without any bloatware, and that lets you choose what web browser you want.

Fansubs are usually better than "profesional" subtitles because they tend to keep the Japanese language essence instead of trying to localize everything, which usually ends up having with a hole different meaning.

It's even worse with some Netflix subtitles where they simply write what they like, sometimes ending up with a totally different phrase that they thought "was better". (Of course this is partly result of their ridiculous subbing rules)

Getting a laptop from is one of the best decisions I ever made.

Mastodon De-Mob

“A tool for Mastodon users designed to help prevent harassment. Using this tool, you can block all the users who boosted or favorited a harassing toot. This tool will simultaneously report the harassing toot to your instance moderators […]”

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