Nice... I was gone for another 4 days, and now Mastodon is just anime porn.

Right... 4 days away from Mastodon, and it's still here.

Nice work, people.

So I'm about to embark on a mission to build a , because... why not? (Current spec:

Does anybody want to help??

According to Netflix (and Disney), "BFG" stands for "Big Friendly Giant"...


I don't think the F means what they think it does.

Remember when Twitter had the global timeline?

The pace and chaos of the Federated timeline doesn't feel sustainable (even if it's perpetually behind).

@maloki would love feedback, or to know if things need clarification in this...

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Mastodonians: I wrote a thing about Mastodon. It might be handy/useful for your friends that aren't here yet...







Passions of the Christ Spoiler 

Jesus Dies.

How does one get verified on this here platform?

I promise, I'm really me.

Hey, Tooters... I made a video and I'd love some feedback. What do you think??

But hey - look at that. ⌘-Enter sends the Toot in the browser. 👍

So the local and federated timelines are impossible to follow (obviously).. but until more users or ways to find your group appear, this seems like a bit of a pipe dream network..

It's cool, but without content I care about, I'm still over on the Twitters.

I'm a little jealous that @ian got my username... but at least I was in early to get @IDF

So if this is better Twitter, is that why nobody is tooting?

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