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Allegedly the ancom flag is a symbol of pedophilia whereas the "an"cap flag isn't.

I have Alyssa Milano blocked, so I have no clue why people are mad at her this time.

So this vaccine really is just going to be treated like the first run of a whole new car model wherein manufacturers let buyers do all the quality testing and whatever happens gets shrugged off.

Not to mention all the ableism and casual punching-down that they seem to draw because of this lack of care. Depressed people for one thing are just punching bags for those that aren't depressed. When will this change?

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It really goes to show how mental health problems are treated like a fad and receive not even a fraction of the attention and care that they need.


Not again please.


I think it’s finally time. no pity, please. no β€œoh but you have so much to live for!”
none of that.
learn from me.
learn from my mistakes.
learn from my mistakes like I couldn’t do.
If you did what I did, fix it. Fix one another. Make me proud.
I love you. So fucking much.


Ironically the massive push on people to be productive instead of letting them naturally decide to be productive tends to be too much for certain people to bear and makes them entirely unproductive.

"Stop saying anything at all when you notice that someone has unfollowed you."

Is a person not allowed to wonder why they lost a follower?

suicide mention 

Can't believe I'm saying this, but don't be telling people to end their lives. There's no reason for that. Not only will that make you look like a giant piece of shit, but people that aren't well mentally really won't react well to that.

So my DualSense almost fully works over Bluetooth minus the active triggers via Steam on Windows but still only acts as a glorified DualShock 3 without Sixaxis through Steam on Pop!_OS which is a little annoying to my biased-towards-Linux self.

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