elementary OS is now available on a range of devices from Slimbook, from thin and light laptops to all-in-ones and desktops. Plus, every purchase with elementary OS helps support development. Welcome, Slimbook! blog.elementary.io/devices-sli


Have you guys considered laptop stickers as a donate thing? I.E. One back sticker and windows key sticker for pay what you want 5$ to 10$ minimum? I would love a elementry sticker (white on black for thinkpad) and will probably custom order one. I would much prefer to have profit go toward development though. @elementary

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@I_Mod_Things we currently offer a sticker pack as a perk of our Patreon! We are also looking into other ways to offer stickers without introducing too much overhead. patreon.com/elementary

Oh those are nice!! I don't do recurring donations though. May have to make an exception for a few months anyway. @elementary

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