Another piece I’m working on. It’s watercolor wet on wet with table salt marbling. Prints will be available soon

Thank you to everyone that has helped me over the last couple of weeks. I’m getting back on my feet thanks to you all

hello all, once again I can’t pay for my Lyfts from work. My rides average out to 7.15 a ride and I have no other way home. If all goes well and it doesn’t because busy all I will need is $71.50 for 10 rides home until next Friday when I get paid. Anything will help.


By next week, I’ll have enough piece to put up an portfolio to start doing commissions and selling prints.

No matter how many time my watercolor professor tries to tell me color pencil is is good on hot press paper, I still 100% disagree.

(RTs appreciated💜) I'm having a 20% off sale from now until the 26th! this goes for everything from prints, charms, pins, to zines! I'll be closing my shop for a bit shortly after so it's your last chance for awhile to get something!

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