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Moonlight Bean✅ @I_am_journei

hey all, i owe over 2000 dollars to my university and i need help paying it off. if anyone wants proof, i don't mind showing my bursar to you all. i have to get down to 200 before i can apply for my classes (for the fall semester) anything would help
here is my paypal:

@I_am_journei I'm sorry I can't help with this ATM, but it reminds me of #StrikeDebt #RollingJubilee. This was a bunch of #Occupy veterans crowdfunding to buy packets of debt super cheap, on the same market where professional debt collectors buy it, then writing off the debt, and sending out letters just before Christmas telling the debtors that.

I wonder if I similar project could be set up where alumni who have managed to pull in the high salaries pool funds to pay off student debt for people who haven't, especially people who could have, but chose to dedicate themselves to minimum wage / volunteer public interest work instead?