We’ve not seen each other since March. The social impact of this is starting to show... time to look after each other.

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When you meet your limit.
The team see and call it out, we cancel meetings for the afternoon and meet up to go for a walk ❤️

is this when a leader wants to take control and find something really shiny to show off to people?

So dear digital buddies... can anyone share thinking/learning on Virtual Assistants for LocalGov websites... our context is 70% Mobile Access. (It’s the ‘I want an App!’ of the ‘20s)

How do we develop digital trust?
A question from one of our service design learners after so much resistance previously... (I can go home)

"Desire is your measure of how much a user will persist, in getting your product. Or to put it another way, how much nonsense they’re willing to withstand, in order to get your product."

The solutions: more trust in teams, more frequent releasing. It's really hard to break out of this spiral because those things are so counter-intuitive for leaders steeped in command and control

Today I closed my twitter account for 48 hours in support of

Standing in solidarity against anti-Jewish racism and all racism

So Mastodon... I’m back!
How are things?

Today is the 100th birthday of technical badass Katherine Johnson. Ms Johnson calculated trajectories for Apollo space missions by hand.


This will seem odd... but this (see last toot) reminds me of choosing a nursing home where the marketing and comms were really unhelpful, the register only gave a top level view and meeting people was the thing I made my decision on.

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So I downloaded the app with the fox icon... Amaroq for iPhone - broken the brand trust thing in the name of trusting people I know (and respect) instead. Hmm...

Testing out photo message and intrigued at request for photo descriptions to enable accessibility for people with sight loss.

@mattedgar Intriguingly I'm interested in the why and who... rather than the how and what at this stage. Trusting because of people that I know face to face.

I wonder who set this up... I've searched google to find
1) wikipedia page that tells me the developer is Eugen Rochko et al. but no info on who that is.

2) Looked at secondary google link and happened upon the Medium Page of Eugen Rochko
(starting to feel a bit more assured - because this person uses this platform to communicate)
After reading their story from April 2017 I'm a little more assured. Now wondering about this 'Federation' thing. Hmm... Star Trek or MCR?

The bleep when I 'toot' is a bit like 1980s space invaders. Hmm...

I'm here, I'm here... journey to get here was a bit rough and I ditched the mobile experience to get wider view. [Sat here at my desktop - started on a tweet on my mobile]

Hmm... as a non-coder (don't shoot me) I feel I'm on the budget/reduced version in terms of functionality?

Couldn't find the app in the app store - dubious versions of logos lost my trust that any were the app I should download.

But people I know are here... 👋


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