Airbourne today was a pretty big epic fail.

Storm never happened. Somehow we avoided it again. The summer continues 🔥

Super muggy. Pretty sure there is going to be a thunderstorm.

It's 10pm and it's still in the mid 20's. This summer has been 🔥

Getting a bit of a whizz at making homemade curry.

Is it odd that I am actually looking forward to watching the football match today.

England Vs Sweden.

Apparently this weather is going to last for another FOUR WEEKS! A-mazing.

Just been to see Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom at the cinema. Pretty great movie.

The only time I ever consider watching football is when England are playing in the World Cup.

Which happens to be today. ⚽

As quickly as you have something, as quickly as it goes.

Why are some toots on a different colour background to others?

In two minds about purchasing Jurassic World: Evolution for PC.

Now watching: Britain's Got Talent final. 🎥

Gonna end up missing HQ today. Stuck on a course 😫

Spending my day tomorrow on a first aid course for work though.

Still so humid though. Normally the air is much cooler after a good storm.

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