My wife has been creating amazing art on her iPad for a while now. (Most of the cover art for my music is painted by her.)

I'm going to create a gallery on my website and maybe look into getting some prints made.

To mark a personal transition and a new direction in my life, I’ve released a new compilation album imaginatively titled “Retrospective”.

It features over 50 of my tracks (51, to be exact!) which are largely what be could be classed as “Ambient”, “Drone”, “Looped”, “Minimalist” or “Just-Plain-Odd”.

Some of these recordings have been hidden in the vaults of SoundCloud, but are now seeing the light of day for the first time in some years.

The Met Office are saying thunderstorms for later this morning. That'd be nice. Love a good thunderstorm.

It's going to be hot in the office today. 16th century building with no air conditioning and the windows no longer open. Super.

A lazy day. Far too hot outside so buggering around with music this morning and films this afternoon. Mrs H will be watching Poldark in a while so a nice cool bath for me I think.

It's threatening to be another nice day. Got a BBQ to go to this evening so that'll be nice.

When you should be doing something creative like music or writing but you can't be bothered and watch crap horror movies instead 🙄

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