i did a topical one and i already hate myself for it

super smash bros ultimate is crumbling. instead of obsessively liveblogging an orange imbecile's every fart, these apolitical kids are just having a great time making a cute dog throw fishing lines at pokémon

just the sheer coincidence that it passes checksum is a delight to me

even if all it does is crash your NES, "ENGAGE RIDLEY MOTHER FUCKER" is the greatest password in video game history

today's itinerary:
- tug on superman's cape
- stop believing
- fear the reaper

pretending to conflate Beatles producer George Martin with Game of Thrones author George R. R. Martin is a really great move to annoy a certain type of person who is already 24/7 annoyed of their own volition

"The Superfetch service could not be stopped." well windows 10, that sucks, but thanks for giving me a rad title if i ever decide to make a 90s alternative album

how is it that a "hellbender" is a weird looking salamander and not the most powerful type of fighter in the avatar cartoon

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i just want it to be, if you're looking at me, and you stare into my eyes, you see that i'm thinking "we'll crucify the insincere tonight", and you're like "rad"; but if you're just trying to eat a bagel you don't have to deal with that bullshit being pushed at you

or "we'll crucify the insincere tonight" -- it's a great lyric from one of my two favorite music videos of all time, but i want to be able to enjoy it without bugging anyone else about it

comma police, arr,e,st, th,,i,,,s ,,,,,m,,,,,,,,,a,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,n,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

in the age of social media, the one thing i really miss about web 1.0 was AIM away messages. i could set a message of some dumb bullshit and nobody would be notified that i did it, but if they hovered over my name, it would say something like "disappointed people, clinging onto bottles, and when it comes it's so, so disappointing", and nobody would think it was necessarily important, but they could ask if they wanted

more like wack friday

siri, delete this draft, uninstall all social media, and go buy yourself something nice

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@Icebrand Manufacturer websites seem to refer to them variously as:
parking curbs
parking bumpers
parking blocks
parking chocks
parking stops
wheel stops
curb stops
bumper blocks
and other combinations of those words. Each site lists a few different terms, so maybe no one really knows

does the raised divider thing at the end of parking spaces have a name? earlier i found myself saying "parking bumper", "curb", and "speedbump but for keepsies" before realizing i have absolutely no idea what they're called

me: i'd like to solve the puzzle
pat: yeah man. so would these other two people. that's why we're all here today

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