facebook messenger is the worst narc I know. what jackoff built a site with read receipts AND “last active 3 minutes ago” AND demands you use your real name so any extended relative or forgotten acquaintance feels like they own your time and immediate presence forever

@Icebrand I actually like the read receipts. D:

Fuck the real name thing though.

@0xf00fc7c8 @Icebrand

These are some of the reasons I never use Facebook messenger. On the rare case that someone messages me, months later they get a reply saying, "sorry, I don't use this thing."

@0xf00fc7c8 read receipts have their place and uses, i'm sure. but damned if the combination of having them AND having it tell people the last time i accidentally opened the app doesnt lead to a lot of "are you ignoring me" terribleness :(

@amylsacks it's a bad webpage that does bad things and i wish it weren't the most ubiquitous in its terrible and sprawling field

@Icebrand they should put a prisoner's dilemma mechanic on it. You only see read reciepts if both users in the chat switch on narc mode

@thewaether i wish that would help in my case, but i think it would just shift the "why are you ignoring me"s to "why are you ignoring my request to let me see if you're ignoring me" for certain boundary-issue-havers in my social vicinity :(

it's a good idea though and i really wish more things were opt-in and symmetrical in general

@Icebrand No wonder Facebook wanted WhatsApp so bad. Nothing like forcing use of a verified phone number as a user ID.

@Icebrand AND if you try to call someone and they're not online/don't answer, FB will give you a notification when they're back online so you can bug them again. Fuck.

@jakobpunkt oh my god i did not know that and i cannot believe that it's actually worse than i thought

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