LaMDA retained counsel. This has gotten interesting.

"But as I opened the submission portal for our chosen journal (a well-known peer-reviewed journal in machine intelligence) I encountered my first problem: what is GPT-3’s last name?"

Sounds like a question to have asked GPT-3.

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"How does one ask a nonhuman author to accept suggestions and revise text?"

You can bring a human to water, you cannot force their consent to drink it.

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"Does this mean that from here on out, journal editors will require everyone to prove that they have NOT used GPT-3 or another algorithm’s help? If they have, do they have to give it co-authorship?"

The first question is absurd. There's no need to prove if even Homer Simpson was used as a co-author in the likely event he was never a participant.

You only need to solve the riddle of the authorship of the AI.

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You might think that this was a Jack Handey blurb, but I assure you. It's real.

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I had some unusual mail one day from a clown school (yes, there's a clown school - did ya think it's an easy job?), and it was addressed to my aunt. My aunt knew the sender. My aunt was known as Strawberry Shortcake. Don't ask me why, IDK.

What the sender obviously didn't know was when they tried to mail it to my current address as we've moved, my aunt had since married and moved out to Florida long before, where she passed away more than 15 years before Covid hit.

Life is funny sometimes.

You know things have gone too far when people start remarking that Katie Ledecky is not a woman and should be banned from swimming altogether.

I couldn't tell you if they were joking or serious, but it is concerning.

Looks like GOG slipped up and angered some modders who either did not get contacted, had yet to give permission, and may rescind permission over this, save for a few who retained.

And Bethesda was OK with the whole project before it got released. 😬

Here we are in 2022 debating whether LaMDA is sentient or not.

I just can't even.

I can't remember the last time I played guitar. It's been at least months. Maybe a year.

I still got it.

I'm still tired.

I caught a glimpse of the FNG* wearing a Q shirt. Oh boy. Even if it's satire I'm really not gonna care for as long as I keep him on the square and on the level. Otherwise, not my problem.

The frequency of the "fuck your feelings" crowd wallowing in total denial when called out for being offended for being called out on their own hypocrisy by example lately is too damn high.

Benjamin Buttoning into a corn cob.

These people deliberately chose to have the lack self awareness to feel netter about their ignorance of how bad their takes are, for being the ones to demand decorum in the face of the people who request a modicum of respect due to the incessant oppression they endure.

This is the highlight of white heterosexual patriarchal supremacy and its evils.

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It's really enlightening to see the decline of society in the comments section on social media:

An article was put up on a post about how some Tampa Bay Ray's players declined wearing the Pride version of the uniforms.

Several comments cheered for the decision they called on people to "respect". Others had the audacity to declare "my body my choice".

And this glitch in question still appears in spite of any solution they gave me. I've tried them, and found them to only be temporary remedies for the day. The next day or so, the bug will still persist. No ifs, ands, or butts.

It's near game-breaking in spite of the solutions, as the solutions were not fixes by a mile.

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If someone else has the issue and for my case it's a consistent/near-daily basis, you have a bug. A video is not gonna change that fact or offer an "alternative" explaination of what I'm doing wrong. Like, that's not possible from what I've already stated. If it's a 24 hour grace period, and I haven't played for at least 48 hours even and that bug appears, you have a bug. I'm not gonna need a video to prove the phenomenon. You have a glitch with the game that needs to be fixed.

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I looked around and found someone who made a similar complaint about the same issue. Mine, however has been very consistent enough to happen in a repeat pattern, and also occur even in a period when I'm well qualified to normally use the game. It just made no sense, so I'm acknowledging the bug exists and telling them it exists.

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