Im dying in UMoria daily...
The best Ive got so far was level 8

I have made progress with my Xmonad desktop and Xmobar, now to see if I can survive the next update of Haskell, todays update really borked my system, but its working nice now..

I installed Endeavor OS, and am thrilled!! Only 10 minutes, and I am presented with a very nice Openbox desktop!! There are things I need to change, but it such beautiful start, im impressed!!

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I made a thing. It's aimed at 🐧 Linux users who want to migrate away from using snap packages to flatpak 📦 packages. It's not finished, and I could do with help from users on other distros. Suggestions and contributions welcome 🥰. It's called "unsnap".

I am installing Opensuse with Xwindow support, it installs Ice Window manager. I can then uninstall Ice and install Openbox very easily, and i am in business... @CubicleNate

I am using SuperMorse to practice morse code characters at a character speed of 22 wpm to train for instant recognition of morse characters. I frankly dont know of better software. You can define the characters you want to practice, and it will quiz you, and keep score, til you reach 100% capability. Its very old, needs DosBox, but its still the best

Man I am struggling to get a Display manager to work reliably, and to get sound working. I started with an OpenSuse Tumbleweed server install, installed Openbox, obconf, xorg-x11-server, xorg-x11-driver- video, and I had a gui going. I tried SDDM, but even after systemctl enable it wouldnt start up after a reboot. I haven't gotten LightDM to work on boot up, and haven't figured out why Pipewire and Alsa wont work... AARRGGHH!!! 😩😩😩

I am installing OpenSuse Tumbleweed using the server install on bare metal, no desktop at all, but soon will have Open Box, SDDM, and not much else! It starts fine with startx, so im off and running!!

I am learning the ways of OpenSuse and Openbox, being a minimalist, it suits me. Its challenging and fun!

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I have taken the verse app in Debian, which gives you a Verse of the Day from the old KJV, it's piped to a python script (my son helped me write), after python cleans up the formatting, it's piped to ebook2cw. The mp3 is renamed and moved to my Samba share directory on my RPi Samba Server. I have a cron job that runs a bash script to do the above, and each mp3 created is renamed after the date, so I know which is latest. Eech day I look forward to practicing from the old KJV.

Playing with Salient Linux... Low on hard drive, so its installed onto USB sticks. Tried to update it yesterday, but it wouldn't d/l updates. Today zinged right through them. Salient has all the gaming enhancements installed, so hoping for some Proton gaming... Anyone else using Salient?


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