ikeor, a username I have had for over a decade. Made up from the first letter of character traits I associate with. I have long forgotten what each letter stands for.
Must be a sign of growing

P. S. I still want my Neopets mobile app

just saw an absolute belter of a placard from the glasgow climate protests elsewhere

it reads: "i am the lorax, i speak for the trees, litter again and i'll break your fucking knees"

Have found the Nintendo Power magazine archive at Read Comics Online for anyone to check out every single issue published until it was discontinued.


3D Print A Complete Wind Generator

For many of us our landscapes are dotted with wind turbines, the vast majority of which are horizontally aligned as if they were giant aircraft propellers. A much rarer sight is the vertical wind turbine, which remains… hackaday.com/2019/09/19/3d-pri

Original tweet : twitter.com/hackaday/status/11

Viewing pornography is counter-revolutionary. You should be distributing pamphlets instead of pleasing your pickle

do you ever think about how google made a really good RSS reader, waited for everyone to switch to it, and then killed it, basically killing RSS

Fuck a cigarette break!
Do the Marijuana take!

Reefer Madness PSA

The cigarette is a lie
Cigars are more astethic
Why you want a little thing in your mouth?
the way to say I've had a long work day.
Cuz when I get rolling, Ima Rock!

Women should have the freedom to profit off their V

"Do you work here? " is the most condescending way to ask for help.
Why? Because this is the opening line, even if we are in uniform.
It's so rude, you might as well just bark out the question beforehand. At least we can be effecient. Ffs your just asking permission to be rude imo.

Looking to make a video going over cleaning and optimizing my cell phone. For productivity and to make it more of a tool than a scrolling machine.

Online dating and girls are... Responding.

Fun fact, More likely to meet a date online rather than in person.

Ayyyaaa, so I have never posted anything that does my tag justice. I promise I'll make a nice long spiritual post soon.

The rain was constant.

The least precipitation I had ever experienced was a misty drizzle.

There were religious theories abound of course, but after the 1st decade of rain even they had mostly calmed down. There were unlivable neighborhoods, certainly, and water-logged towns but life persisted stubbornly; as expected from humanity.

The day it stopped was met with bewilderment - nobody knew how to deal with being dry outside anymore.

...why does working long hours always equate to not having friends that want to hit you up during your free time.
I understand you get what you put into it... I only have so few hours to give. Yet I'm guilty of being out of touch and unfriendly. When did the world stop appreciating a home cooked meal and conversation? Do people no longer want the responsibility of friendship or have I always misunderstood what a friend is.

Another option is to build just a standalone arcade joystick, and use MAME on a PC. These days it's even possible to build the PC into the joystick, in the form of a Raspberry Pi.

An old site but still probably still the best is arcadecontrols.net, which takes you through the process of building from scratch.

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