Should we finish up the rough edges around polls and release them in 2.8.0, or wait until a few more features from the 2.8 roadmap have landed as well?

Still learning how to do this. Any _constructive_ feedback welcomed.

Never eough time to game.

Makes me want a switch....

Can't give in.


my puppy ate one of my pc speakers and now he's a subwoofer

Amazing: A Photographer Took Pictures Of People Before And After She Told Them They Were Beautiful

+Disney, All the DISNEY Tattoos,

Jezzusss just tattoo a Nike ✔️ and be done with it

And then I'm going to put a $2, 000 dragons through all my tattoos

Wants to get a tattoo of the Corpse Bride, Can't remember Victoria's name.

This guy's escuse to touch the lady is that he gets bored and likes to trace the outline of people's tattoos.... Both of them want to get the tree of life....

Time cop were dafk are you

... So these folks are talking about how much copper helps with their chronic pain.... And about her chronic hiccups. That she had for a full year.

The time agent can come shoot me now.

And I know it's not about me, these friends are now on their own journey of discovery and healing.

I'm just afraid I'll never be able to return the friendship they gave to me.
I'm afraid that I grew up too late, spoke to late,

This is grief absent of rage, this is not a man angry at his emotions, rather knowing that there is nothing to do but grief over the loss and accept that it was my past doings. Paid now, when I may actually recognize my mistakes.

Just to vent here, because people get all weird on FB, but I really fucking miss my friends, and I feel like a total piece of shit that I have lost touch with some that I cherished most. I will always love them so much. I went through a lot, I was for a bit of my life incapable of expressing my feelings. Now that I am healed, I have to find a way for my friends to trust me again.... But it hurts... So... Damn... Much... Great now I'm crying

What a long day. What a weird day. RENT live was on and that made things better and worse at the same time

Things people actually should have tattoos of:

- Tables for multiplication, square roots, logarithms and power functions
- Birth dates of immediate family
- Master encryption keys (genitals)
- Cheat sheets for Vim/Emacs and regular expressions
- Navigation charts, star constellations, sundial
- Ohm's law and resistor colour codes
- Formulas for converting between metric and imperial units
- kg/m^3 densities of common substances
- Physical constants
- Newton's laws of classical mechanics

i'm intrigued by star trek computers

1. they always work as intended
2. if there *is* a problem with them, they violently explode
3. they are entirely maintained by a lone unlucky, angry, irish engineer

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