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I now have a second account! You can follow @imani if you want to see pictures of birbs.

The Museum of Science and Industry has purple martin nest boxes behind the building.

Went to the top of Willis (formerly Sears) Tower today and took some silly selfies. The city was beautiful all spread out.

I always become separated from my party at museums.

Nice ticketing lady at museum: "You're citypass tickets come with one of 5 special exhibits and motion ride."
Me: "Oh shit, decisions."

@inmysocks looking quite intense on his wedding day. Congratulations, Jed!

FYI, I am switching to using @imani as my main account for a while, due to recent m.s struggles. So follow me over there! Maybe I'll come back to this account, maybe not. Who knows!

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On that note:

Seriously, please use the CW feature for any naked / sexual pictures.

The feature is there to allow you to keep posting the pictures, but hide it for people who don't want to see it.

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I think m.s is down, so I guess this account gets cat pictures!

So far building the Nintendo Labo stuff is seriously fun and gives me the same feeling LEGOs do. I don't care nearly as much about playing with the finished products. (Though the RC Car thing makes a great cat toy.)

It is done! It is delivered. Now I just have to deal with the entire month of May.

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Today was a great day for birds. Cockatoos, galahs, crested pigeons, lorikeets, and scaly breasted lorikeets all came down for a feed. Throw in the usual complement of currawongs, crows, noisy miners and honey eaters, and the yard's pretty lively. I love it.

#australia #birds #photography

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First hat - done.
13 more hats, 34 more weeks
I need to get a cedar box to stuff full of these

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hey y'all, please put captions / image descriptions on your images. it doesn't count toward the character limit for toots and it makes the fediverse more accessible for blind people and people with vision impairments


I fell asleep before 10 last night and now I am awake before 7 on a Saturday.

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I got to use the phrase "The Coalition of Sarahs have summitted" at work today and I am very pleased.

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#loadingreadyrun chat comment on a Watch & Play game protagonist:

"He's like a pizza cutter. All edge, no point."

I just got some absolutely brutal feedback on a training and if you need me, I'll just be over here in the corner.

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