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Taking a sick day was a solid choice. My head feels better, holding out hope for healthier lungs.

I'm going to restart the baby blanket and pick a new pattern that uses worsted wool. I know what wool I want to use, but I haven't picked a pattern. I'm constrained between knitting something interesting (super lacey) and something that seems more practical for a growing baby. Leaning towards a pretty solid center with a lacey border. I'm open to pattern suggestions!

I can smell the finish on the first of this three part project and I just got really excited and then realized it's the first of three parts. Now I'm less excited.

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Hello, Mastodon. Would you like a cat picture? I imagine you would. This one's for you.

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My pet peeve is people who join Mastodon from Twitter, post a few times, then never post on Mastodon again. (While still being super active on Twitter.)

I work on MLK Day, but the traffic is so good. I'm not even mad.

I think this is my favorite vacation photo.

Woke up, still migraine. :(

Apparently it's the warmest January day on record here, but I'm down with a migraine.

17% battery. Let's listen to music until it dies.

I think I'm start knitting again.

Increasingly feel like I have to come up with all the ideas myself.

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She's been lying like this for ten minutes.

I finished Gorogoa last night and I loved it. I played it on the Switch, but it's available on a few other platforms, as well.

The office has no chill today. It's not even Friday, dudes!

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"Let's record our wedding vows and 'I do' in a blockchain."
"Cool. What does that mean?"
"They can never be changed."
"Wait, what?"

My day is basically my project contributors politely refusing to do things for me despite their managers' assurances to me that the project is really important and their people are at my disposal.