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A manager just came by my desk and introduced me by the wrong title to three people whose names I immediately forgot, but he didn't tell me what their positions were or anything. I suspect new hires??? Per policy, I hope to learn their names after 6 months of awkward conversations over coffee in the kitchen area.

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My company does open source stuff but that doesn't mean we are your unpaid engineering department.

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hot take: Masto should not focus on acquiring new users

it should focus on providing its users a safe, stable, reliable place to form a community, and allow users to join organically

trying to emulate other systems by incorporating their flaws is a terrible idea and guess against the whole ethos behind most people who came here

I just found these in a bag that was tucked inside another knitting bag and I'm pretty sure I lost this stuff at least a year ago.

This 1099-INT form is for 31 cents.

Is evil? Asking for a me.

What's a non-evil (like H&R Block and Intuit are super evil) program that can help me do my us taxes this year?

It's not even my birthday.

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What is this? An ????

In meatspace I am normally called Jed, I am half of OokTech, a small engineering company I started with my brother. We make stuff, normally stuff that has some relation to accessibility (remote presence/tourism with robots, privacy respecting home automation) or video (360 video robots!!!). A lot of what we do uses open source hardware and software and most of what we make is open source.

We have a patreon page we need to make better

There are a bunch of tiny rooms in the new building labeled "Phone room." They have a simple desk, a phone, and two non-adjustable chairs. I am utterly baffled as to who needs these. They are kinda cozy, though.

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I had a really weird dream last night where I tried to get some guy's number (has literally never occurred in real life), but I had a flip phone from like 2004 and every number I typed in, it would type a weird symbol instead. So I tried to write it on a piece of paper instead, but I would keep writing the wrong numbers and scratching them out. Anyway, my brain is really not subtle about my inability to start romantic relationships.

It's almost spring, which means it must be a perfect time to start a warm wool hat and cowl, right? Right?

In a complete and total win for our documentation today, I was trying to do a table join on two excel sheets where one sheet had first name and last name fields and the other had a full name field and when I looked up how to do a join calculation, it literally had my exact use case as the example.

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I am really bad at this stuff, but my patreon page to support these videos and the development of robbie is here: