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Dear Disrooters:

Starting from June 8th, we are going to replace the current webmail (powered by Rainloop) with a brand new toy powered by Roundcube.

For the last 4 years we have been using Rainloop for our webmail experience. But due to some missing features and a need to improve the platform's integration, we have decided to re-introduce a webmail environment built on Roundcube.

Roundcube has been widely used for the last 10 years and it provides the modern, fast, simple and reliable solution one could expect. Here are some feature highlights:

A nice responsive Disroot flavored skin (and dark mode)
Better filter support
Email and mailbox archiving
Custom themes
The interface is translated in more than 80 languages.
Drag-&-drop message management: move your messages with your mouse.
Full support for MIME and HTML messages.
Attachment previews: see the images directly within your messages.
Threaded message listing: Display conversations in a threaded mode.
Folders: Manage your folders (add, remove, or hide).
Two factor authentication: add a second level of authentication to your account log-in.

And many more...

In the near future we are planning to integrate it with mailbox encryption as well as Nextcloud (calendars, contacts and attachments) and other services currently provided by Disroot. We think Roundcube will enable us to further improve your email experience.

We hope you'll like the new looks and new features. We sure are looking forward to this switch and future improvements.

!! Warning for 2FA users!!

For those of you that have 2FA enabled on the current webmail, you will have to re-set it up again once the new webmail is up and running. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Nunca esta de mas saber como instalar por la terminal ese deb que descargamos, Así que te dejamos la guia de Gabriela González que es muy precisa.

Our community is awesome! Last September, we met in Almeria, Spain, for the LibreOffice Conference 2019. We shared ideas, presented new technologies, and had fun at social events. Learn more in our Annual Report:

Need to send encrypted emails? #Nextcloud mail uses browser add-in Mailvelope for this, and the latest Mail release improves the integration of this add-in.

Godbye Twitter... Vamos a dar el paso definitivo, si queremos un mundo libre hay que aportar nuestro granito de arena.

Tweet deatareao (@atareao), a las 5 may. 18:00 - Ubuntu First Steps es una sencilla aplicación que te ayudará a dar los primeros pasos en Ubuntu con la configuración sencilla de algunos aspectos de Ubuntu

Saludos desde EcuadorTl, promoviendo el uso de tecnologías libres en #Ecuador

Me ronda por la cabeza lo siguiente:
Un programa en directo para compartir qué estamos utilizando de Software Libre y GNU/Linux en nuestro confinamiento.
¿Te animarías?

We have shipped an update to fix missing content warnings on remote profiles.

Please update your :pixelfed: instances!

Special thanks to @vfrmedia for reporting this bug.

Tweet depixelfed 🚀 (@pixelfed) - We have shipped an update to fix missing content warnings on remote profiles.
Please update your :pixelfed: instances!
Special thanks to @vfrmedia for reporting this bug.

Foliate, el lector de ebooks para Linux definitivo

Si estás buscando el mejor lector de ebooks para Linux, estás de suerte, porque en este artículo encontrarás el lector de libros electrónicos por excelencia

LibreOffice 6.4.3 is here! It includes over 50 bug fixes and compatibility improvements, thanks to our worldwide community of developers and volunteers. Learn more and download it:

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