On the surface, the judgement is full of contradictions. More than 1000 pages. I wish somebody combs through it and makes a condescends version for readers.

वाघावर बसणे एवढे सोप्पे नाही.😜
It is not easy to ride the tiger.

Devendra Resigns. Sena contemplates leaving NDA. Chaos begins tonight.

शिवसेना एनडीए सोडण्याचा विचार करीत होते.

ShivSena is thinking of leaving NDA.

शिवसेना एनडीए छोड़ने का विचार कर रही है.

New turn in MH politics. Let's see of this is real or fake. Soon enough we will know.

Today's most important news. Udhav Thakeray refuses to meet Sambhaji Bhide.


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