Salaam Alaikum,

We are in process of building up a community network for Indias Muslims which focus on social, economical & educational empowerment. Kindly request all to join the movement by sending us a DM or Reply to this tweet or Follow us. Help us by Boosting this toot.

Allah Hafiz

@IndiasMuslims looking forward to build a good network to stand in unity for all those who are oppressed

@IndiasMuslims wish you all the best. Lets create a platform for muslims here

Walekum Assalam.
I head an educational institution in Kokan (rural Maharashtra) and would love to exchange notes and ideas that would benefit my institution. Kindly note.

@Sadiqkazi @IndiasMuslims Welcome. Please feel free to ask. No shortage of ideas here.

@Iwalkalone @IndiasMuslims
Thanks a lot, @Iwalkalone .
Will surely discuss and take this forward in the coming days.

Ratnagiri. Tal. Sangameshwar to be more specific. Although I am based in Navi Mumbai.

@Sadiqkazi from Raigadh, Taluka Mhasla precisely. But, I live in Mumbai.

Cool. Since I pass through that stretch everytime I drive down, there always is a special connect. Nice knowing you.

@IndiasMuslims We are living in a time where human freedom is under threat from governments, corporates, religious institutions.

We need a new world order.
We can not depend on Activism.
We have to go for HACKTIVISM.

Follow the Handle and Share it
Thanks. Raise your voice.

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