We request all like minded handles on Mastodon to follow each other, We will also follow you all, we will be together to raise our voice, we all should make at least 500 followers as soon as possible, so that our voices can be heard here.

Give your short introduction as a reply to this tweet and we would retweet it asking to follow you

Follow back to your followers is a must

Network & follow everyone who follows you

@IndiasMuslims Engineer-MBA approaching retirement, refuses to retire! Have cut out rat races, taken to mentoring young folk these days. Still travel a bit against my wishes!

Hate bigots, hare-brained policies & those formulating them - read, bjpee!!

Iconoclast, Agnostic, loves what I'm doing - for 6 months! So began work life as a Mechanical Engineer, shifted to Market Research, then Computers, Server-side Maintenance, Analytics, Teaching, Entrepreneur, Investor.

Boxing and Rafi Saab fan!

@IndiasMuslims why don't u guys put review petition in SC after 18 wen dat man retires. If Sabrimala can be reviewed why not Ayodhya verdict? Fight on don't take lieing down

@IndiasMuslims Kudos to you for bringing the community together.A good number of followers helps in amplifying the message which would otherwise drown in the avalanche of toots.

Hello there, I its @raisedfist and I support liberal and secular ideas. I have given you a follow up.

Hacktivism is the only way to fight back together. Raise your voice.
Join Us !! Follow Us !! Share us !!
Hacktivism is the future.

@avndp @IndiasMuslims Hacktivist is someone who uses hacking to bring about political and social change. Hacktivism started as a way for people to protest online to affect change. Join Us !!! on

@IndiasMuslims Hey! I am a writer and here to meet some kickass people.

@IndiasMuslims I am following you. As an African American mix. I understand your struggles. Please follow me @charles_berry1011

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