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West Bengal polls: RJD's Tejashwi Yadav pledges support to Mamata Banerjee led Trinamool Congress

The RJD leader said that his party’s priority was to stop the BJP ‘at any cost’.

'Worshipped Godse, Now Worshipping Gandhi-ji': Congress On New Entrant!!!

A Congress leader justified the decision and said "Earlier Chaurasia was in Congress but he fought the elections and got elected as a corporator from Hindu Mahasabha."!!!

: "The Facebook live videos demonstrate that Hindu mob at Maujpur was not an impromptu, peaceful gathering. It was a mob mobilised with unabashedly communal messaging, one driven by a manufactured fear & hatred & one prepared for violence"!!!

Fact Check: Social Media Users Falsely Claim Muslims Demand Ban On Chanting OM In Kerala!

News of 2 teachers sent on leave for 2 days for writing 'Om' on Mathematics pamphlet is circulating with a fake claim that Muslims are demanding a ban on chanting Om

Kamruddin Khan sought Rs 13 lakh for damages to his shop. But he only got Rs 1.79 lakh from Arvind Kejriwal Govt!

Aisha Begum, who runs a shop in Street 5, Ashok Nagar, claimed Rs 4 lakh, but Aam Aadmi Party admin gave her a compensation of Rs 22,808 only!

Muslim neighbours perform last rites of Pandit woman in north Kashmir’s Baramulla

The local Muslims in Tarhama village of Kunzar in north Kashmir’s Baramulla district on Sunday performed the last rites of a Kashmiri Pandit woman.

“Today, we are seeing this govt repeating same footprints over and over again; Bringing laws that do not have public approval, pushing people to accept it, and when people protest, criminalising the protesters [anti-CAA & farmer's],” Hartosh Singh Bal said

Replug: "Dungar, a tribal farmer, and [his friend] poured kerosene around house & struck a match. He added a generous dose of petrol & up it went in flames. They copy pasted this routine on all Muslim homes they were assigned"

By Revati Laul

Students of AMU have been looking for a peer of theirs for a good part of last week, but neither varsity nor district admin has had much success in tracing him back. Ashraf Ali, final year student of BA Spanish, has been missing from campus since 23 Feb.!!!

Athar Khan has been in jail under UAPA for over eight months. His mother, Noorjahan said, “He is in jail for ‘running’ a CAA protest. He was initially asked by crime branch to talk, which he did. If he were guilty, he wouldn’t have gone to talk to them."!!

“I felt as if I had been pushed into a grave. I lost my entire life’s earnings and 25 years of hard work in the violence”

Mohammed Rafi claims that he incurred a loss of Rs 12 lakh in the violence, but Arvind Kejriwal govt. handed him a mere Rs 51,700!!!

Replug: "About forty people turned up to set fire to the twelve Muslim houses. “If any Muslim had actually crossed my path that day, I would have cut him to pieces and burnt his body,” said Dungar, a Bhil (tribal group)."

By Revati Laul

Bengal polls: Abbas Siddiqui's ISF seals seat-sharing deal with Left, talks on with Congress

Addressing a press conference, Siddiqui said the Left Front has agreed to leave for it 30 seats as part of Left-Congress-ISF alliance.

Mamata Banerjee may retain power in Bengal, M. K. Stalin likely to dethrone AIADMK in Tamil Nadu: Opinion poll

Opinion poll by ABP-C Voter gives Bengal to Trinamool Congress. In Tamil Nadu, DMK-led front is likely to oust AIADMK, which has allied with BJP.

"Tehelka had nailed real story of Godhra train burning. Police witnesses were caught on camera telling how police had tutored them to give false testimonies against Muslims to turn it into a conspiracy"

The sting in the story by Ashish Khetan, Sep 8, 2012

"The Gujarat playbook is now India's playbook. It has nothing to do with good governance & prosperity, it is about sowing hate & division! About picking on Muslims & making poisonous rhetoric a national conversation." says Ashish Khetan

Replug: Sanjiv Bhatt to PM Modi: Supreme Court has not exonerated perpetrators of 2002!

Sanjiv Bhatt wrote an open letter to Narendra Modi in which he says the PM has been misled about the Supreme Court judgment in the Ehsan Jafri case.!

Replug: Muslims put out Godhra train fire, says Banerjee report!!!

The panel headed by retired supreme court judge UC Banerjee that probed into the Feb 2002 Godhra train carnage has ruled out the conspiracy theory!!!

Vinod Sharma reports

Asaduddin Owaisi Slams Government's Digital Rulebook

Aimim- All India Majlis-E-Ittehadul Muslimeen chief Asaduddin Owaisi on Friday opposed the draft of ther rules to regulate content on Internet intermediaries and streaming platform

"Every act of violence we have worked so hard to ignore, to “get over” has made us more debased as a society. The mob now believes it can act with impunity. Not only rioters are protected, heinous acts are normalised" says Ashish Khetan

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