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Uttar Pradesh Passes Bill to Recover Property Damage from Protestors

According to the bill, protesters found guilty of damaging government or private properties will face imprisonment of one year or a fine ranging from Rs 5,000 to Rs 1 lakh.

‘Tandav’ row: Amazon Prime Video apologises again, says objectionable scenes removed or edited

The show’s makers have already apologised at least twice so far.

Muzaffarnagar Violence: Six years later, no closure yet

The violence in 2013 claimed more than 55 lives & nearly 100 houses were ransacked. Thousands of Muslims fled Kawal & nearby villages. But selective justice has kept wounds green even after six years

CCTV video from Sri Lanka falsely viral as Muslim man attacks Hindu in India!!!

It was shared to malign the Indian Muslim community. As confirmed by the police, the incident does not have communal overtones and the perpetrator, is mentally unstable.

"I am using the term "languishing" because Ahmad remained in custody for twelve years & ultimately was found not guilty in all nine cases, suprised as to why he was not arrested in the ninth case when he remained in custody for twelve years" court said!!!

"The videos belie the claim that the Maujpur mob was spontaneous, apolitical or in support of the CAA. They appealed for Hindus to unite against the anti-CAA protests. The Hindu identity appeared central to their clarion call, to those who answered it."!!!

AIMIM To Contest Assembly Elections In Tamil Nadu

"We will contest Assembly elections in Tamil Nadu. Our candidates won in Gujarat local body polls. I'll be going to Rajasthan to review. Our party workers are also working hard in UP," Owaisi said.

West Bengal Assembly Election 2021: Congress Divided Over Alliance With Muslim Cleric's Outfit In Bengal

Abbas Siddique's presence at a Left-Congress rally that set off a fresh round of internal wrangling in the Congress.

: Judge Says ‘Hundred Suspicion Don’t Make A Proof’

Granting bail to Imran & Babu, the judge noted, "There must be some material against the accused to frame a charge! Presumption can't be stretched to take the shape of proof or evidence"!!!

'Was It Lying on a Road?': Delhi HC Pulls Up Police on 'Leaked' Asif Iqbal Tanha Case File!!!

Asif Iqbal Tanha had alleged that his ‘disclosure statement’ with the police had been handed over to media with a view to prejudicing public opinion against him!

Replug: "The impunity of the Nellie massacre, which occurred on 18 February 1983, has since been replicated in many anti-Muslim massacres in Assam—each time, the victims were branded illegal Bangladeshi immigrants, to justify the violence"

Praveen Donthi:

: Muslim victims tried to file cases against their alleged Hindu attackers, but police have refused to register their cases. When Muslims went to police to file their cases, police instead charged them or their family members with rioting!!!

“If even on a day like this, you can’t act against Muslims, then go home and put on some bangles,” VHP’s district head said. “You have one day. Burn those Muslims.”

Replug from 2018, an excerpt from Revati Laul’s “The Anatomy of Hate.”

DelhiViolence: HC dissatisfied over police’s inquiry report over media leak of JMI student Asif Iqbal Tanha case

“This vigilance inquiry is even worse than what they do in an ordinary inquiry in a petty theft case. These are hand-held files” court said!!!

: Police Blames ‘Muslim Rioters’!!!

"The new charge sheet filed by the police in the Delhi violence conspiracy case accuses “Muslim rioters” of attacking police and non-Muslims without provocation," reports Karan Tripathi.

"BJP Doesn't Have Courage To Talk About CAA In Assam": Priyanka Gandhi

"They talk about CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) all over the country but, when they come to Assam, they don't have the courage to talk about it," – Priyanka Gandhi, in Assam campaign

War Against Facebook's Totalitarianism!

Congressman David Cicilline said that “threatening to bring a country to its knees to agree to Facebook’s terms is admission of monopoly power. If it isn't already clear, Facebook is not compatible with democracy”!

CJ Werleman

Irfan was sheltering in his shop when a mob, which had his Hindu neighbours, descended, throwing stones & armed with guns & rods

Irfan had been a member of BJP for a decade but, as a Muslim living in a Hindu-majority area, it was not enough to protect him

Madhya Pradesh: Two Muslim youths from Indore arrested under ‘love jihad’ law!!!

Police in Khangone have registered a case against the two Muslims, identified as Sohail Khan and Hasan Qadir. Members of a saffron outfit handed them to Mandleshwar police!!!

West Bengal: In Left-Congress Brigade Ground Rally, ISF Emerged as the Biggest Mobiliser

The ISF is just 38 days old. Most of Abbas Siddiqui’s supporters are young, in the age group of 18-27 & ISF supporters were the liveliest in the crowd

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