I got so much going on in my head πŸ’†πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ

β€ͺI brought some juice at work and I think some of them been drinking it so Ima start putting lines each time I drink it ‬

πŸ—£ Black women deserve so much better from this world. πŸ—£

police brutality 

the verdict on the pig who killed philando castile doesn't suprise me but it still crushes me. nothing ever changes and if you think reform can happen to make police better you don't pay attention. you don't know the history. fuck your cop uncle. fuck your cop mom. ALL cops are complicit in state sanctioned violence it doesn't matter if they're a poc or queer or any other marginalized group. they. are. still. complicit. they. still. let. this. happen.

I never want to hear anything ever again about these mythological "good cops."

Ever in life.

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anti-blackness in POC communities 

I'm sick of watching nbpoc writing their think pieces on here. We know why he was killed. It's happened go black people continuously. Don't call yourself an ally unless you're checking the anti blackness in your community. A lot of y'all are silent right now. Stop with your performative activism.

Can we be real that y'all don't want to tip bc you're elitist as fuck and believe in taking advantage of service workers?

Here's the date for the next black twitter black out. We ask for your support in a call for protection of black people. You cannot profit off of us while also subjecting us to abuse. STAND UP, FIGHT BACK.

can I just say that I'm over black women having to be strong all the damn time. i'm over having to always be 'the bigger person' in every situation b/c it's 'expected' of me, i'm over having to be everybody's voice of reason. let black women be human beings for fuck sake & experience human emotions w/o being seen as 'crazy' or 'angry' or anything other than a human being like dassit

We don't want to accept reality in moon in pisces. We want to stay in a state of delusion

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