Extreme rain in Hawaii has turn the lava lake into this:

You probably do NOT want to breathe sulfuric acid steam.

Looks like Kīlauea is getting a bit of rain as the sun sets.

Got an update on the hawksbill turtle I reported to the Hawaii Hawksbill project. This one IS in their database and is one of their more frequently seen individuals. She is "Rocket Girl" and has been seen every year since 2007. This year she has been seen 4 times. She once had a radio transponder glued to her shell to see where she would go.


Caught sight of a hawksbill turtle right before dark, my 3rd sighting since coming here a year ago. I'll send the pictures in to the Hawaii Hawksbill project tomorrow and see if this is a new one or if they already have it in their database.

Swam for 2 and a half hours this afternoon off Kahekeli beach park until right after sunset. I earned my McRib meal.

Scary fish of the day:

This great barracuda showed up at a cleaning station and stayed quite still for several minutes while a little cleaner wrasse darted about cleaning him. The cleaner wrasse even went completely inside its mouth several times.

Swam in Honolua bay for a few hours until right before dark. Was reasonably clear for a change.

Got out swimming in Honolua bay yesterday. Rubbish conditions, but swimmable. Been extremely rough these last few weeks. The surfers have been happy, the snorklers not so much.

Saw a barracuda. Much smaller than the monster I saw a few weeks back, but a lot closer. This one flared his teeth at me, which did not make me happy.

Kīlauea at sunset. Lava has started to flow out of the deep cone shape and onto the lowest portions of of the "down dropped block," a series of relatively flat sections within the caldera which had collapsed downward quite a bit in 2018. There is a lot of caldera left to fill, yet.

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