Here is a picture which shows the ongoing construction of the two anti-lava walls.

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@Infoseepage I have to wonder how effective they're likely to be.

@jollyman Even if they are successful in redirecting the lava, they are redirecting it to another valley which also ultimately slopes downward to the sea and crosses the same road and fiber optic cable they are trying to save here. The only ultimate benefit, if the eruption, continues would be to save the existing parking area for tourists :)

If the eruption continues on for years, there is probably nothing they can do. This is a time buying move, pure and simple.

@Infoseepage Agreed. They can't stop it. It's a damage limitation exersize.

@jollyman I would pay good money to have a live stream with translation of the conversations of the bulldozers working on the dam while THIS is going on in the background. My guess is icelandic swearing is colorful.

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