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Eric Kim @Inkskratch

Sitting here, working, listening to R.E.M.'s album Green. I remember picking up the cassette from a secondhand music shop for like $2 or something.

Like everything in my life, I picked it up because I spotted a reference to it in the margins of Hewlitt & Martin's Tank Girl (Dark Horse, original printing). I was nuts over that book. If Hewlitt was listening to it, I'd be happy to take a chance.

Comics are, and always will be, a fun way to share things you like.

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@Inkskratch I remember a listening party with my college housemates when that came out. The question was whether they had sold out by signing with Warner Bros.

It's really the last album of theirs I listened to. Not because I didn't like it, just that I had moved on. I still listen to their earlier stuff.

@rockthrower Their early stuff is pretty fun. I think I had to call it quits when Monster came out, but the cat was out of the bag by that point, I think ;) Still have lots of fond memories, tho...

@Inkskratch Awesome story. I love finding out what artists and writers I love listen to, read, watch, and play.

@mercilessrobot yeah, it can lead to a bunch of great finds! Always makes me happy, taking in new art :)