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Eric Kim

Something I've been involved with lately is a project called "Vin Diesel Is Hamlet." You should go check it out! It's pretty fun. It's on twitter at @VINDIESELHAMLET, of course ;)

Having a rough start to my morning.

Sometimes things add up and overwhelm a soul. Taking five to have some self-pity or just dwell, that's sometimes all I can do.

However, the necessary thing is to get up and keep walking towards hope. I understand. It takes courage and a lot of strength, but it has to be done. And it's within me to do, so it's not bad.

I guess I'm saying that times are tough, but they won't be tough forever. Bad nights pave the way to good days.

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stray thought, I think expunging Twitter is about trying to reclaim mental space from trump. didn't think about this before, but I think that's a factor.

I got rid of Twitter from my phone today. I've long been without the Facebook app, and same with messenger. got rid of Instagram as well. I guess I'm just concerned with privacy.

And maybe also productivity. I haven't created a new portfolio in a long time, and maybe I should just get on with doing that. I can promote the work once I've finished it. Anyways, I guess I'll paste mobile here from now on, and update Twitter when I'm at my desk.

@Gnubeutel I dunno...I just pu ther in jogging pants for a contemporary look. I'm accustomed to Byrne's run on SH where she wore anything, but want to get more into the mindset of Tamaki's version

The Wasp! Around her Avengers chairwoman run (#266)

Sorry I've been away for so long! Here's a quick doodle of Karma from the New Mutants, as she appeared in New Mutants Special Edition #1. Hope you like it!

Happy Chinese new year! Here's a doodle to commemorate the Year Of The Dog

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I'm also part of the WHERE WE LIVE anthology that @Inkskratch is tooting about. Hope you'll grab it when it comes out.

I was fortunate enough to be able to work on a moving story by @van_jensen for an upcoming anthology, Where We Live, curated by @JHWilliamsIII. I hope you'll consider giving their Twitter account a follow(if you're on twitter!) and picking up the book when it comes out.

Doodle of Nanny Dickering and Sylvester P. Smythe from Cracked magazine