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@rockthrower Their early stuff is pretty fun. I think I had to call it quits when Monster came out, but the cat was out of the bag by that point, I think ;) Still have lots of fond memories, tho...

Sitting here, working, listening to R.E.M.'s album Green. I remember picking up the cassette from a secondhand music shop for like $2 or something.

Like everything in my life, I picked it up because I spotted a reference to it in the margins of Hewlitt & Martin's Tank Girl (Dark Horse, original printing). I was nuts over that book. If Hewlitt was listening to it, I'd be happy to take a chance.

Comics are, and always will be, a fun way to share things you like.

Resolutions! I try not to formally declare them, but I just move ahead with whatever momentum I currently have. So here's where I am:

- working on a new portfolio to showcase what I'm capable of
- trying very hard to work on what I'm weakest at (humbling experience!)
- be a better husband
- try to repair old friendships, show up at my LCS

I think that's it. I don't think 2018 will be an easier, but I think I can lay the groundwork in for a good 2019. Time to make a better tomorrow...

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Another image where me and Marissa got to collaborate, this time on an idea for Danny Djeljosevic! This one makes me smile because it's so badass. Anyways, hope you enjoy!

https ://


An illustration by me andcolored by the amazing Marissa Louise! (@marissadraws on twitter)

https ://

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Okay, continuing to research newsletter programs. Now looking at Tiny Letter vs. MailChimp. Seems like Tiny Letter lets you develop a pretty big list (5000) without paying, compared to MailChimp's 2000 limit. But Tiny Letter has fewer features (which doesn't seem so debilitating?).

Anyone have experience with these two services? Any opinions would be welcome!

The amazing @TedNaifeh (Courtney Crumrin, Gloomcookie, Polly & The Pirates) is doing a Kickstarter for his latest work, Heroines! I'd urge you to support it. Ted's work is always a joy to read!

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One of my favourite things about making comics is onomatopoeia. It's everyone's favourite. Just sitting there, making sound effects, wondering if you've got it right.

Sniffling: snorfle
Coughing: koff koff echhk
Meowing: Mew nyaoow riaaaow

Just the aesthetics of the word. "Do I add a 'y'? Doesn't look right. An 'I'?" Does it look right? Does this handwriting feel weird, too loose? Too tight?

A lot of mental hurdles to make a reader feel a sneeze, rather than if it's accurate.

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