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Eric Kim

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Late night doodle of She Hulk. Just a start, but thought I'd share what I got done. Anyways, will post more doodles soon.

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I thought I'd promote this on here, just in case you haven't seen it. It's for Kate Beaton's sister, who's struggling against cancer. If you've enjoyed Kate's comics ("Hark! A Vagrant!"), I'd urge you to consider donating today:

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Intro: my name is Eric, and I'm a comic artist and illustrator. More recently I've been making video games and dipping back into my 3d animation skills.

Games have been pretty interesting (especially game design!), but are my number one.

RN I'm working on two pitches that I can't talk a lot about w/ two established writers, as well as trying to write something for myself. Hopefully I'll get something out before I'm dead.

@Inkskratch everywhere else

Happy Chinese new year! Here's a doodle to commemorate the Year Of The Dog

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I'm also part of the WHERE WE LIVE anthology that @Inkskratch is tooting about. Hope you'll grab it when it comes out.

I was fortunate enough to be able to work on a moving story by @van_jensen for an upcoming anthology, Where We Live, curated by @JHWilliamsIII. I hope you'll consider giving their Twitter account a follow(if you're on twitter!) and picking up the book when it comes out.

Doodle of Nanny Dickering and Sylvester P. Smythe from Cracked magazine


pretty much the only thing I know about this film is that it features mods and rockers and there's a fight. and sting is in it.

Chunky doodle of Joan Crawford from Mildred Pierce. I swear, everyone I think of those two names, I think of Sonic Youth and Blue Oyster Cult.

Chunky Bogart. I'm trying out some style experiments this week, after looking at a lot of Alex tooth and Kirby...wondering what I can learn about lighting and maybe working faster...