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They’re about 3 weeks old, still fluffy and their wing feathers haven’t grown out yet so they do the cutest flappy.

🔈Sound to hear them doing duckling squeaks.

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Rigid chronological timeline concepts on how people are supposed to travel through life are garbage.

You don't have to do things you hate just to appease social expectation. Pursue fulfillment. Service your needs and your ambitions and be kind to yourself.

Do what is right for you, when it is right for you. If you don't want marriage, kids, a university education, to own a home, travel, whatever, don't do them. Don't f*g do them. That is fine. You are fine.

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This is what I've taken up the last couple of years doing. These are being used by hospitals as colouring material for patients and their families.

Not a shitpost but mastodon has legitimately had a positive impact on my mental health. Tumblr is depressing as shit and i didnt really realize that until i went back on today and just saw how awful everyone and their bs is. Im really glad we’ve all collectively moved the fuck on with our lives.

This SonicFox guy is the most wholesome and I would also like to have made over $500k from gaming. Lol. He earned $180k when he was 17 just gaming why am I in retail what am I doing with my life.

When people announce they’re doing those basic treat-others-like-people things that award them minimum decent-human-being credit 😒:

👏 Did 👏 You 👏 Want 👏 A 👏 Fucking 👏 Cookie?

👏 Okay! It costs nothing to encourage someone’s positive behaviour, so thank you and keep up the great steps forward on your path toward being a great person. 👏 Hope you like chocolate chip.

you better watch out, You Better Watch Out, YOU BETTER WATCH OUT, Y O U B E T T E R W A T C H O U T

I trained a neural network on 1,228 types of cookies and apparently these are what cookies sound like to it.

I love this tiny fluff so much but cellophane is not food for little buddies.

My elbows are so sore from lifting children. They made a line. They literally lined up to have me just walk around holding them. I just love kids that I can give back allowing me to go home to my not sticky home so much.

I am bad at craft but also don’t want to pay $8 for a single Christmas bauble so rather than buy materials and practice skills I bought a bottle of glitter glue and used last year’s 25 cent baubles and got to that ‘yeah this could be a $1 bauble’ level. Or ‘you RUINED IT’ level, you decide, beholder etc.

Do you ever go to make a funny post about something that happened and halfway through realize it's probably not actually funny and that it probably reveals a lot more about your mental health journey than you're comfortable with

There’s an adorable door in a tree outside a school. I walked by it today and noticed it had a renovation, and people had moved in.

i'm SORRY I don't have any pics of me doing something COOL when I was YOUNGER because I've been VERY BORING my entire life

My shoes are not breathing as I’d hoped. My footsies are cooking and I can’t (won’t) take them off because I’m trash but I’m not the kind of trash that takes their shoes off on public transport. Instead I just suffer singing in tune of Alicia Key’s ‘Girl on Fire’ “The feet are on fiyaaaaaaa”

Well I spent over 100 bucks on Christmas ornaments today how’s your wallet doing RIP.

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