@InkyPlaytime there is a video of Chomsky talking about looking away i unfortunately can''t find back. Basically, sometimes you must look away to cope, but it shouldn't be the main thing. democracynow.org/

@InkyPlaytime Y'know, I think even tiny little me thought they were a couple, back when I'd watch Sesame Street regularly. Having it confirmed makes me happy. :blobcatheart: 🌈

@fiercebun Same! In the back of your mind as a kid it’s just there and that’s so good really. The story makes me happy. 🌈

@InkyPlaytime I mean... yeah? It's blatantly obvious they love each other very much (why else would they put up with each other? :P) and they're puppets so the question of what form it takes is kinda irrelevant.

@InkyPlaytime there's another article about this that I love, because the same guy wrote snuffalupogus and implies he's also gay

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