i always forget how badly i suck at iidx compared to sdvx

until i play it again and struggle on 8s :yell:

yall ever wonder what happened to that one friend who just deleted all their online presence at once and you cant find em anymore

i sure am

losing my fucking mind at how bad people are at low-rank apex

its so slow @ work today im getting paid to play video games this owns

sdvx posting again 

sdvx posting again 

trans-related surgical stuff 

canada is so big you can fit the entirety of canada inside it

what the fuck lmao i post this then 15 minutes later i get an email from managment @ work telling me they're giving me a significant raise

said raise maths out to like, 16.7%. rounded to 17.

fuckin number nostradamus over here

today's number of the day is 17. please update your calendars accordingly.

me on esper dance, opponent on uwr contol

they counter all my dances, i stax out all their wincons, start playing the "take 60 turns" game, they eventually scoop after i'm on 65 life, can loop 2 murderous riders to avoid decking, and they have 4 cards in deck

just won a fuckin 50 minute game of mtg and the only reason i won is i killed my own creatures repeatedly

more sdvx bullshit 

like i cant be that mad, its still +8 volforce but it would have been a +16 with hitting just one more note


fucking 6000 more points, one more note, and i would have had the A rank aAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

yes i know it's one of the easiest 19s shut up

hoping joker does well so we have to see the outcome of boardrooms deciding "we have to market to incels" is a reasonable thing to say

this is probably their way of saying they did the labor expected of them while actually doing nothing huh

er. sure, jehova's witnesses, i guess you can stand there with your signage in spanish, in a predominantly mandarin-speaking part of town, in a city with maybe 2% fluency in spanish.


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