why am i so bad at guitar hero

im really, really good at every other rhythm game i pick up but GH just evades me

cant even reliably pass ttfaf let alone actually hard stuff 😔

still losin my shit at how good this new 3teeth album is tbh

mildly nsfw shitpost 

it would be bad if the world ended because that is where i keep all my stuff

vaguely tempted to get some art supplies and use 'em to kill time at work but also like, im not gonna try to learn that in kinda-public yknow

also my right hand's fucked up enough from video games lmfao

jesus was a top. proof:

-mediocre looking dude with 12 guys following him around
-constantly reminding everyone he's inside them
-the one time he got nailed it took 3 days to recover


#ffxiv, minor lv79 spoilers 

first pic is me today. second was me a few days before starting hrt.

yeah ok turns out puttin some weird stickers on my leg and eating some gross mints does things!!

might end up [gulp] being het this weekend????


busiest bus/train interchange in town had a bunch of "tired of terfs, swerfs, and other fascists?" posters scattered around advertising the local dyke march

they got torn down in a few days

in their place someone has written "SMASH ALL TERFS AND FASCISTS" in sharpie all over every bus stop, cement support pillars, etc

i like how we've progressed to a point where i can say "the bagel incel" and people know what the fuck i mean

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