having only one color in your life makes dressing yourself easy at least

me: hm maybe i should get other colors of nail polish

also me: black tho

fucked up how a goblet isnt a tiny goblin but is instead a large cup

im the liberal all conservative posters talk about

got a piercing done three months ago. its not done healing yet. despite this i want another one already.

why is my brain like this

lol i think work accidentally locked out my account prematurely im gettin paid to do nothing this owns

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10 years ago today i fucked up bad and made a birdsite account

now at 3 weeks since my snek has eaten

for some reason he's just suddenly started getting EXTREMELY scared whenever i walk close and he just panics and hides instead of feeling safe enough to eat. i have no fucking clue what's changed

idk. it's winter. that species normally goes into pseudo-hibernation in winter and just stops eating. maybe he's just going through that for the first time, somehow, even though he's been alive for 3 years. ??????

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hell yeah last day at current shit job confirmed Soon

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa why do my tastes in video games have to be so extremely narrow literally nothing looks fun rn

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aaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAA i have to actually. go into work tomorrow. like a normal person. wtf. im boycotting work.

seriously if the new job ive got lined up would just send me the offer letter id show up with all the hardware in hand and just go "fuck it im out" and leave instead working but hhhhhhhh

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so from what i understand the dsa is when you put a rose emoji in your username then bother women online

i have so much happy hardcore for someone with a goth/metalhead aesthetic lmfao

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currently on a 7-0 winstreak in magic arena. lmao. UWr control is legit way too good in this meta, if you can stick a niv or teferi its probably just over

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