not very good attempt at topical humor 

i can't say that i agreed with john mccain on many issues, but i 100% agree with his decision to die.


show me the ᴛʀᴜᴇ ᴘᴏᴡᴇʀ of unionized The Onion writers!!

Me and the boys getting down on a friday chugging cider vinegar, tastes bad but we're getting real fuckin buzzed off it

I can't do a because my followers/following list is too big now so just follow everyone on both of those

Jojo from Next Door Coming Out of His Jar to Shame Mankind (2018)

Big hongry lewd 

Don't feel pressured but if Ur capable of helping me with some food expenses I can even link u up with lewds $lilithgray


Degredation in the bedroom but instead it's just yelling ciorans aphorisms at your consenting partner

folks, when it comes to music, nothing beats “song”s uh manager if you could put that rabbit down for a second i'd like to register a complaint - my arguments wench is not familiar with all 100 logical fallacies

Honestly this site rules and it gets better the more ppl come over

@Insurrectionarythot *rolls up sleeve* can you do, like, an Aquarius symbol? Also, I sometimes feel like fucking is the only real praxis I ever do, y'know?

wait i looked at the time am i just like in with the southern hemisphere or why are you all awake

@Insurrectionarythot jeez why didn't you tell me to listen to them first first! this is one of the best records i've heard all year!

the worst ever post about deathgrips 

death grips but instead of "ive seen footage" its "ive seen footpics"

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