What is Box? It's a cloud content management platform of course. What the heck is that? We’ll tell you and help you decide if Box is right for you and your business down below! blog.internxt.com/box-drive/

The project won’t manage itself. It won’t protect itself from cybersecurity threats either! This week’s article is full of smart cybersecurity measures all project managers need to know blog.internxt.com/cybersecurit

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interesante esto de @Internxt, que incluso están en el #fediverso 😋 Tiene buena pinta, tanto el servidor como las apps están bajo licencia AGPL y la política de privacidad es bastante decente y clara. La pena es el uso de trackers de google en lugar de sus alternativas libres y la transferencia de datos fuera de la UE al tener nodos de su almacenamiento descentralizado fuera (desconozco si se puede elegir los nodos por el usuario, lo que resolvería el problema).


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Internxt è un servizio di cloud storage con sede a Valencia in Spagna, open source, 10 GB gratuiti, con crittografia a conoscenza zero lato client e frammentazione del savataggio dei dati suddivisi tra vari server sparsi nel mondo. La crittografia avviene prima che i dati lascino il dispositivo. Disponibile su Android, iOS, Windows, macOS e Linux.




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Open Source, Encrypted Cloud Storage

Internxt Drive is a zero-knowledge cloud storage service based on best-in-class privacy and security.
Features :
• Multi device support
• Military grade encryption
• Zero knowledge technology
• Get upto 10GB free
• Affordable plans
• Keep your files organized
• Share your files with ease
• Synced gallery
• Backup what matters to you


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