comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes: 💿 or 💾 or ☁️ or lakes or warehouses! Confused yet? Learn the difference between data lakes and data warehouses in this week’s new post 👇

Shhhhh… can ya hear that? Listen. Sounds like 13 of the best cybersecurity podcasts for 2022 and the noise appears to be coming from our new blog post. Time to hear things!

"Hope for the best and prepare for the worst." Nothing's certain in , but your company's plan should be! Discover the 7⃣ things your company (certainly) needs in our new article 👇

Is your phone storage filled to the max with ? Free up some space with Internxt Photos and offload your pics to the

All aboard the blockchain! But be warned: there’s no going back. Find out why photo cloud storage will never be the same again and how blockchain tech is being used to better protect pics uploaded to Internxt Photos in our new blog post!

is not just for files anymore... Introducing Internxt Photos! All of your memories now end-to-end encrypted and securely stored on the

Are you digitally challenged? You are not alone! Get learned and expand your cyber-vocabulary with our new terms glossary

Put on your comfy clothes, grab some 🍿 and stop endlessly browsing oddly-specific
@Netflix categories… Settle on something great to watch from our list of the 18 best . Lights, computer, action! 🎥

Encrypt it! Encrypt it good! may sound crazy complex but it's super simple. Check out our new blog post ⬇️ explaining the basics of encryption and why you must encrypt it!

Got nothing to hide? You’re basically naked online without a good VPN. Cover up and protect your sensitive bits of data with the 7 most trustworthy VPNs from our new list!

Your business is growing… Cool! Now what? Investing in secure cloud storage could be exactly what your company needs to take it to the next level!

30% of Americans open malicious (and possibly infected) emails. Are you in the 30%? Don't become a statistic and make sure your files are safe with our new virus scanner

@dogaar Hi! We are constantly working on improving our product and introducing new features. Thank you for your patience!

You asked for it! Answer all your burning 🔥 questions about how @Internxt actually works with our article explaining exactly what it is we do to protect you ↙️

Your files may contain malware that can wreak havoc on your computer. That's why we've created a free virus scanner so that you can be 100% sure that your files (and your sweet computer) are safe

@dogaar Hi, please, upgrade it now to the 1.7.1 version with more fixed bugs. Thanks!

@dogaar Hello! Thank you so much! We are working hard to improve our UX!If you have any otherideas on how we could improve ourselves, please send us your ideas to

Life is full of hard choices… But switching to the cloud is a no-brainer! Here are the 7 best private cloud storage solutions for 2022 🧠

Use services that do not compromise your privacy, cause data breaches or leak your information on the internet. At Internxt we've always bet for freedom. Our services are created from the ground up to defend user privacy. Join the fight for freedom

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