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Democrat Captain Mark Kelly was up 6.7 points over Martha McSally in a poll done 2 weeks ago.

Good, but don’t get complacent. Keep working for every vote until Kelly is seated in the Senate. This seat is a massive opportunity for Dems to take.

McSally has no platform except loyalty to Trump and Arizona already rejected her as a Senator once. Help them do it again.

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Good morning. Find a Democratic candidate who is trying to replace a Republican today. Find a few.

Sign up to help a campaign.


Volunteer to make calls to get out the vote.

Volunteer to write postcards and letters to potential voters.

Volunteer to knock on doors.

Help others register to vote and check their own registration.

Volunteer to drive others to the polls.

You'll feel better and you'll be doing something to build the 2020

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@IronMan2020 Me tooo ❤️ if there's anything I can do please let me know

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Good morning.

decided a short time ago to move our accounts to run by our pal @stux and today is the day. It automatically will keep anyone following me as my followers.

I am in the process of doing that and others will likely join me.

It's not necessary to move to interact with us or people on other instances. It's just the place your account lives.

But I will post instructions on how to do it. It's easy. Plus, we like Stux. 💥

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@IronMan2020 Apparently Rs are fighting over money to states for election security so states can do mail in ballots... because of course!

Maybe use some of that $6 trillion to build the social safety nets we needed before this crisis and clearly still do.

If Republicans can conjure a half trillion for Cruise Ships, they can keep Social Security and Medicare afloat.

Trump says nation can see "light at the end of the tunnel" as Washington pushes $6 trillion stimulus:

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For years, Oregon has had a vote by mail system. 

It works. Ballots and voters' pamphlets are sent to all voters. 

If a recount is necessary, paper ballots are there. Voting is done within the privacy of one's home, without risking one's health.

All states should implement such a system and we should all be demanding our states implement a system like this immediately.

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Vulcans believe that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. @FirstOfficerSpock is half human, and I, like Spock, live on a ship with humans. We recognize that the human way of caring for the few also has it merits.

Most who believe in the needs of the many recognize that children benefit from life with grandparents, and many children are raised in grandparent-headed families. Few children would sacrifice their grandparents for any amount of money.

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Nothing will get you attacked faster than calling bullshit on misinformation and outright lies. We have to do it anyway, and we’ll never run out of occasions.

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We had some N95 masks because Scott does work around the house and bought some last year.

Every little bit will help a medical worker.

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It would be a good idea to instruct Dr. Fauci on the ways of the Vulcans when dealing with Mr. Trump.

Either hand is sufficient.

@CaptainAmerica2020 @IronMan2020 @NatashaRomanova

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Here are some words from my favorite Governor, Tom Wolf of PA, that I found helpful:

“I know for all of us the next few weeks are going to be challenging. There’s no reason to be fearful or to panic, however.

But we need to take this disease seriously. So please, stay home.

For example, if you need to go to the pharmacy, go to the pharmacy to fill a prescription. Do that. But don’t stop at several other stores or places on the way and make contact with a dozen other people."

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Warning about disinformation 

If anyone sees this photo being posted anywhere, the account is most likely spreading pro-trump talking points. Every account that I’ve seen posting it has been a magat claiming he isn’t responsible for people dying from taking chloroquine.

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