I just read this CBS article that says that most voters think that Trump will win reelection.

If you're a Trump supporter, stop reading. You're happy.

If this idea is abhorrent to you and you are an American over the age of 18, you have a lot of control over this. You get to vote for the Democrat in November! Register now! Get your friends and neighbors registered! Drive them to the polls! There are more of us, and this poll also shows that if we , we win. cbsnews.com/news/2020-poll-mos

Here's something else interesting from the representative nationwide poll. Sanders is leading, but it's not a two-person race at all, and the Super Tuesday states do not look like the four earliest states. A very small number of delegates have been allocated so far, and if your state hasn't voted yet (and especially if you vote on Super Tuesday), you have a lot of influence over who the nominee to take on Trump will be.


Democrats won big in 2018. We won in Kentucky (!) and Louisiana(!!) in 2019, despite personal appearances from Hair Fuhrer.

We can do this.
💥Register to vote
💥Know your elections and deadlines
💥Help others
💥Write postcards, letters, and make calls with campaigns

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