We've sure come a long way from "Obamacare will kill our nation's cherished seniors" to "Okay, we need the older people to die because the stock market is too low and we have an election coming up."


@IronMan2020 What is the largest organisation representing senior citizens in the USA?

@IronMan2020 They need to put out a strongly worded statement at the very least. What is being floated is tantamount to ageist eugenics.

@InternetKevin @IronMan2020 As a senior citizen I am not real happy about the idea of letting us die to save the economy.

@Thunderbirds511 Are you a member of AARP or any other organization that has political clout?

@InternetKevin well sort of I don't pay their dues but they still send me stuff.

@Thunderbirds511 If I were you I'd write them a letter. I'm sure you won't be the only one who does and the more letters they get the more serious they will need to be about it.

@InternetKevin right now i don't think they will listen to anyone but trump.

@InternetKevin The GOP still controls the senate. And like lemmings they follow the leader to hell and back.

@Thunderbirds511 oh I wasn't talking about the Senate. I was talking about AARP, who could potentially have some influence on the election this year.

@Thunderbirds511 GOP are mostly relying on older voters in order to stay in power, and they think they can get away with this.

@InternetKevin My father who is a vet and 86 is also not happy with them. So there are a lot of us that don't like the GOP

After reading these everyone over 60 should die comments on Twitter, I almost couldn’t hold my tongue- so okay- I did - maybe- perhaps - lay them out cold. There was wording beyond 5th grade so, it may or not register with them that I called them all dark pieces of excrement. After all, their leader is President Poopy Pants. 😷🤧🤢😆😂

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