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decided a short time ago to move our accounts to run by our pal @stux and today is the day. It automatically will keep anyone following me as my followers.

I am in the process of doing that and others will likely join me.

It's not necessary to move to interact with us or people on other instances. It's just the place your account lives.

But I will post instructions on how to do it. It's easy. Plus, we like Stux. πŸ’₯

I understand why, but who wouldn't want to see it?

Fauci on Trump: 'I can't jump in front of the microphone and push him down'

Congress must stabilize state unemployment systems, which are overwhelmed. Congress must help independent contractors, sole proprietors, and any other workers who don't qualify for unemployment.

The Senate Republicans' relief bill fails on both. One-time tax rebates that many won't qualify for or loans aren't enough.

Call your Senator and tell them to support Chris Murphy's proposal. It will take just minutes and can save your community. 202-224-3121 πŸ“±πŸ“ž

Good day.

This is a time of uncertainty for everyone and I know that can be discomforting and difficult to navigate.

One thing we can do is stay focused on what the goal has been day from one: electing Democrats down the ballot and getting Trump out of office.

Now is a great time for us all to be digital organizers. We can't underestimate the impact that connecting with each other has.

Sign up to learn more about ways to keep building the blue wave:

The Republican party's long-term goal is to use these work requirements to knock people off of necessary safety net systems and eventually eliminate them from the budget in order to keep giving corporations and the extremely wealthy tax cuts, which do nothing to grow the economy.

We all benefit as a society from safety net systems.

Say what you will about different shades of Democrats, but none of them are doing this.

πŸ’₯ VOTE in your Democratic Presidential primary today, 2/29.

πŸ’₯ 7AM-7PM ET. If you're in line at 7, stay in line; you vote.

πŸ’₯ Bring photo ID.

πŸ’₯ High turnout in primaries is IMPORTANT.

πŸ’₯ INFO:

Things will be OK in this world, eventually.

However, it hinges upon people keeping a clear head and an unwavering focus on the Endgame.

This means listening. This means following the truth. This means committing to voting in primaries and then voting blue no matter who. This means going out of your comfort zone to make it happen.

There really is only one way.

PSA for Friday, February 28th.

PSA for Thursday, February 27th:

If you want to help build a dynamic network here on Mastodon, please do boost content from others that you like.

One, it helps messages get seen and makes our efforts more visible. Two, it makes your own home timeline much more interesting to read to have others' information you like on it. Three, it will make others more inclined to boost you.

PSA for Wednesday, February 26th.


Many birdsite users are joining us here. We are actively recruiting more.

Many people who come here are avoiding that site or even deleting their accounts there.

If you post here on Mastodon, consider not posting links to birdsite or birdsite addresses.

A good chunk of users here can't or won't read them.

Want smart gun legislation? Elect Democrats like Michelle Luhan Grisham as New Mexico did in 2018, sending a Republican home.

New Mexico's governor signed a red flag gun measure into law and urged sheriffs to enforce it or resign:

public service announcement:

For anyone new to political discourse, when discussing, making graphics for, or otherwise promoting the Democratic Party, please do not use the terms "Democrat Party," "Democrat President," "Democrat Senator," etc.

It's been co-opted by Republicans as an insult for quite some time. Nobody should use the term and I won't boost anything that includes it.

Vote for Democrats. Support the Democratic party.


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