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Republicans are now “whipping” their members to vote against a bill that will bring manufacturing jobs home from China because they’re mad that Democrats are pursuing a bill to lower drug prices, protect the planet, and reduce inflation.

Cannot make this stuff up.

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So...a trigger warning?

Thats what you're asking for. A trigger warning. For whenever two gay people hold hands, let alone kiss.

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Why hasn't it gotten anywhere? Why is he still walking around free to disparage women and help them develop BDD? Why is this son of a bitch still in Congress??????? Where are the investigators and why aren't they doing their job?


From this day until July 20 next year, if you ask me how old I am, expect me to reply "The naughty number." It's gonna be a weird year.

As horrible as it is to contemplate, striking down rulings like Obergefell (same sex marriage) and Loving (interracial marriage) are just stepping stones.

Wait until Texas refuses to recognize any marriage to someone who isn't a natural born citizen.

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