Hey music friends!

What are you working on?

Our record label, Analog Revolution, is looking for songs for our compilation album, "Songs of the Worker (to fans the flames of discontent).

If you have something that might jive with that, or wanna talk more, tell @DoctorDeathray because she's our A and R person.


@ajroach42 Can you elaborate a bit more about the subject?

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@Irvings_Zoo Uhhh

The title is a reference to the wobbly's songbook.

One song is called "Fight like hell" and is quotes from Mother Jones.

One song is called "bash the fash" and is about beating up fascists.

One song is called "our retirement plan is revolution" and is about how there will be no 401ks or roth IRAs in 2048, smashing the imperial state, etc.

I think that explains things? We've got some punk, some spoken poetry, some indie rock, and some folk. The songs are mostly pro-worker, pro-union, or otherwise leftist.

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