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it was not the radiations but replies like "all strength to you" under his twitter posts that made hulk the hulk

Stop calling me OP! I have a name reddit dot com!

Just unmatched and blocked someone because I didn’t see blue text when I wanted to send them a text

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If you eat a lotus cooked with saffron and take a dump on a keyboard, it automatically writes an Opindia article.

So this webstie's Eugen's instagram. cool cool cool cool cool

Just cleaned the toilet and I don’t want anyone to use it. I want it preserved in a toilet museum for centuries.

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really would like this site better if it wasn’t filled with axle and his jokes

Might as well add “no name calling” rule to the instance. That shit hurts

i hope atheists find their god soon. it must suck to follow a god-less religion.

@DovalehG no caption needed. tweet when everyone’s awake

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Ordering a couch for my notifications because favorite-merchants practically live there

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