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@IssaJokeBreh cant DM or share tweets. How will one start the gossip, Axle ?

Why don’t I get “xyz favourited” posts on my feed

Dude, if you've got a mental illness like, fuckin' turn up dude

nah bro i aint donating blood unless it’s being sent to some place like africa

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Stop calling it MaStAdOn, it's mastodon. I know it's one syllable too many but you gotta spell it right

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just found out that there's a separate instance already present for desis and it's called inditoot.

just realised that squatting on an @ is plain stupid on this website as you can always use the same @ but in a different instance

a mastodon instance that bans wordplay engineers, a concept

looks like the japanese already have thier own mastodon instange at

i'm being told i need to register a domain for that 😩

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Alright, I’m creating an Indian Twitter Mastodon instance

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hi new users!! i'm not sure how to reach a large amount of you other than having this post on the local timeline.

i'm a moderator here!
when reporting someone, doing it once is fine. real humans are handling your reports, and reporting someone multiple times adds to the workload!
also, when you do report someone, please add an explanation as to why you're reporting them. you can also add specific toots that you believe break our CoC, which you can find here:

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Welcome to all the people from India that are joining Mastodon in these days!!

#india #introductions and #followindia can be helpful hashtags to find other people just arrived here like you.

We understand that you are still unconfident with this platform, therefore here you will find some helpful tips to better understand how #Mastodon works:

- There is no such thing as "A" social network called Mastodon! Instead there are thousands of independent social networks called Mastodon Instances.
- Every Instance has his own server, community, rules, admins and moderation.
- Every Instance can interact with users that are on other Instances, exactly like email works (you can send an email from gmail to yahoo, right?).
- Every Instance can choose to silence or completely block another Instance (i.e. because permits bad behaviour)

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