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Hey so Im officially moving over to my jorts account now. Decided to stop being lazy about it. So follow me there instead of here for more premium toots like

"Fuck I hate people"
"JK turns out I was just hangry"

Only compassion will ensure the continuation of the human race. Nothing else. Ingenuity without compassion means more weapons of mass destruction. Economics without compassion means the death of others due to starvation, thirst, or homelessness. Full automation without compassion means more squabbling over the rights to the fruits of its rewards.

We must learn to become compassionate, or the human race will become extinct.

Im trying really hard to not get out of bed righ now. I dont even wanna be up this early

just stumbling and tripping and repeatedly knocking over this bucket of various heart emojis, hoping my screwball antics can cheer y'all up briefly

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@SanfordianPhil @Quixote171 lol same, I've changed my mind about friends, Justin please do not talk to me or my threads ever again

@Adoxographer @ItsJenNotGabby ah yes men, the famous realistic appraisers of their own competence

warning: extremely depressing 


You’re valid

We want to remind users that account deletion is not possible until full federation support lands.

We need to delete your account from the fediverse rather than just because we've supported partial federation since July.

Any NYC black trans/gnc folk:

tweet text reads: "If you are a Black Trans/GNC person in NYC who will be food insecure this holiday season, The Okra Project will be providing FREE personal chef-prepared meals IN YOUR HOME. And all the chefs are Black TGNC folx! DM me for details!"


Note: I am not the author of the tweet just sharing it and its content here

nobody ever wrote a song called Fuck The Fire Department

Cardi B is short for A Cardigan of Bees.

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