Boooo. My oatmeal spooged all over my shirt for when I get cold later, even though the lid was on the whole time ☹☹ Ive never even worn this shirt yet

Sports adjacent but not actually sports 

This is about Mark Davis(Raiders owner) and when I read it all I could think was

"Looking like a dipshit to own the libs" 😂😂

Selfie, EC, moth pose 

Also, I tried to do but my hair looks like trash parted on this side, while hers looks perfect 😂😂

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Lmaoooo. I was scratching Hurricane's belly and it made him fart, so I started laughing and he is so mad at me now 😂😂

Lewd words 

Wow. My auto fill dragging TF outta me. I wasnt trying to type any of these things!!

Since I had to reset my computer and cant do anything here's a little glimpse of what it's like to be a woman in my field

Heads up VUDU has some good movies for free rn, including True Romance and Snakes on a Plane

Love too have to send an email to my boss outlining the legal and ethical implications of a poor decision he made that are literally obvious if you think about them for more than 5 seconds. FML

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