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Toot: This image is nsfw
Me: *clicks image*
Image: *is nsfw*
Me: :pika:

Guys I've moved to berries and I've almost broke the record for fastest to 69 followers, I am some kind of god to them!

Okay, and I'm moved. Now if all of you could just follow me again...

Alright, I think that's it! Now I just need to activate the migration tool? Gargon, add a "do it all for me" button

starting to get into calling potato chips "crisps", like a big time weirdo

Wow... I'm really feeling adventurously bisexual.

Hello! I'm your host, Ivafakename, and welcome to the gameshow you all know and love, it's "WHY HAVEN'T I MOVED TO BERRIES YET?"

John Cena!

*To the trumpet* thats an old meeeeeeme

Good afternoon! I got tired of the good morning toots, thought I'd switch it up a little!

Lewd, genitalia, lesbian vampire killers spoilers 

My great aunt, whom I assumed was the most polite, posh, slightly Christian member of my family, has watched lesbian vampire killers...

She loved the vampires and had 1 complaint: Why did the hilt of the sword have to look like a penis?

She liked the film... Obviously she's not THAT posh... Or Christian...

I do enjoy the fact that different apps can program different notification vibration patterns. I'm able to tell when I get Tusky notifications from across the room

im gonna singlehandedly oppress every top i see mark my fucking worms

My #polyamory goal is to have enough strategically located crushes that I can cross the continent and get taken out on a hot date at every stop.

Going afk, don't have too much fun without me.

Because you can't, legally I mean, if you're having fun while I'm not here, I can and will sue

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