Why am I doing this. What am I doing. gitlab.com/IvanSanchez/svelte- @leafletjs@twitter.com @sveltejs@twitter.com

No srsly why. This is triggering one of those bugs from hell where the horizontal offset of a L.Popup depends on the offsetWidth of a detached DOM element before the @leafletjs@twitter.com CSS is loaded async'ly.

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- Linking the CSS in the <svelte:head> is async and leads to race conditions
- Doing an import of the CSS requires that the consumer uses some rollup-plugin-css stuff
- Embedding the Leaflet CSS in the component might not be doable and requires an extra build step

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...this is the kind of stuff that I'm very wary of when it comes to any kind of reactive framework (even @sveltejs@twitter.com): debugging this stuff requires *a lot* of knowledge about lifecycles and events and whatnot. Learning curve looks gentle enough, then it steeps up to brain damage.

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