You know that feeling when it's 3AM, you can't sleep, and you code a proof-of-concept thing for controlling maps with joysticks/gamepads?

Well, I do.

No srsly why. This is triggering one of those bugs from hell where the horizontal offset of a L.Popup depends on the offsetWidth of a detached DOM element before the CSS is loaded async'ly.

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Come to this wednesday and tell me how to interpret sentinel bands, because I have no idea what I'm doing.

I'm preparing my slides for (ahead of time!) and it feels *weird* that I can recall the quirks of non-geographical coordinate systems *from memory*.

My code-churning speed has been abysmal since lockdowns, but I'm finally coming back to my WebGL shenanigans, starting with some forced-nearest-neighbour oversampling for Leaflet.TileLayer .GL
(since CSS "image-rendering: pixelated" has no support in Firefox)

Segundo intento de poner en perspectiva la cifra de 25613 fallecidos (la oficial en España a fecha de hoy), porque es jodídamente difícil hacernos una idea de la magnitud.

No es el superhéroe que necesitamos, pero es el supehéroe que nos merecemos.

Voy a intentar poner en perspectiva la cifra de 14045 defunciones (la oficial de España hasta la fecha) con esta sencilla infografía.

I'll start sporting a new look, featuring:
- Not-totally-crappy haircut done at home
- Neck warmer covered in leftover anti-pollen non-woven fabric
- Polarized blue-light-blocking glasses just so I can't touch my eyes

In today's + + news, uniform values and re-render on uniform change is implemented. This is critical for making something that will drop's jaw.


Vaya, parece que a no le gusta mi resumen sobre tecnología . 🤨 Copy-pasting some GLSL code for a hypsometric tint makes this thing look a bit better, but it shows that I'm using a 8-bit GeoTIFF, because of the 255 meter upper limit.

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This may look like crap, but it's the first ever 8-bit GeoTIFF (a DTM) rendered in WebGL in This means that I cracked the problem of tile coordinate transform for this thing I'm doing. cc

This is the first time I see 0xFFFD REPLACEMENT CHARACTER (a favourite of UTF8-encoded as EFBFDB then base64 encoded... IN AN EMAIL HEADER.
You can thank microsoft's/outlook's email servers, and whoever from gave the green light to outsource email. Oh, that missed the image about the paperpawner high-level workflow.

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