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I'm preparing my slides for (ahead of time!) and it feels *weird* that I can recall the quirks of non-geographical coordinate systems *from memory*.

My code-churning speed has been abysmal since lockdowns, but I'm finally coming back to my WebGL shenanigans, starting with some forced-nearest-neighbour oversampling for Leaflet.TileLayer .GL
(since CSS "image-rendering: pixelated" has no support in Firefox)

In today's episode of «no sci-fi writer could have ever imagined this detail in their futuristic dystopia», we got

Segundo intento de poner en perspectiva la cifra de 25613 fallecidos (la oficial en España a fecha de hoy), porque es jodídamente difícil hacernos una idea de la magnitud.

I just GM'd a 3-hour session for's Sick Again scenario, and my players have been spreadsheeting information like f***ing pros. It's a bliss playing with this group.

Current state: angry at because there's no easy way of typing a subindex zero to write R₀ ("R-sub-zero") so everybody writes R0 ("R-zero") and it's all wrong if there's been a time to go italics and write 𝘙₀ it's now.

Did I just semi-angrily told a member «you shouldn't write a spec if you cannot wait & trust other parties to implement that spec, and I'm willing to die on this hill» over videoconference (with a member present)?

Yeah, I guess I did.

No es el superhéroe que necesitamos, pero es el supehéroe que nos merecemos. Sirva esto para ilustrar la inutilidad de los hackatones a última hora, y la utilidad de llevar años haciendo soft libre para tener listas herramientas antes de que sean necesarias.

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Me informan que el ha hecho un mapa con puntos de restauración para transportistas (usando

Voy a intentar poner en perspectiva la cifra de 14045 defunciones (la oficial de España hasta la fecha) con esta sencilla infografía.

I'll start sporting a new look, featuring:
- Not-totally-crappy haircut done at home
- Neck warmer covered in leftover anti-pollen non-woven fabric
- Polarized blue-light-blocking glasses just so I can't touch my eyes

#2287 "Pathogen Resistance" 

We're not not trapped in here with the coronavirus. The coronavirus is trapped in here with us.

I got reports that the Spanish police forces are distributing ABS plastic & acetate sheets to people with 3D printers ( to print face shields.

Man, it feels like I'm living in one of's books.

Re: intellectual property of respirator designs, Smith Medical releases design.


I just run 's BLACKSAT today via Only the mission commander returned to earth back alive. Next, Afghanistan. And next, my adaptation of Sick Again (moving the scenario to Europe).

If you need to make video calls, you should give #jitsi a try. Its much better than #skype or similar services, because there is no account needed and its all open source.

To start, just click on the link below, create a new meeting either with a randomized name, or enter a custom name. Then just share the link with other people and thats it!

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