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I've just upgraded from "I write JS unit tests so I know which browser is weird" to "I write WebGL unit tests so I know which OpenGL rendering stack is weird".

I just submitted a talk proposal to's SotM2021, about something completely experimental, that I'm no expert about, and that may even not be feasible. (BTW, there shall be no singing this year)

Venga, que esta vez sí que estoy despierto para soltar una chapa de ráster y webgl en

Estoy gilipollas. Resulta que creo que envié dos veces la misma ponencia a, con dos títulos distintos, y yo tenía en mente nada más la de mañana.

: mañana soltaré una chapa sobre WebGL y Javascript (y compiladores, y cohesión-acoplamiento, y todas esas cositas chulas de ingeniería informática)

Ojo a que está que lo peta. Yo sólo he escuchado críticas a la mudanza/desalojo, y ni una voz (pública) a favor. Yo digo que por algo será.

Raster reprojection for Leaflet, now available with Leaflet.ImageOverlay.Arrugator .
(It should be obvious that this uses my Arrugator mesh reprojection subdivision library, released yesterday)
Repo contains link to the demo.

I'm thinking on adding some utility function or option to pre-split the mesh without the reprojected midpoints logic for this kind of CRSs.
Also, I need to take a photograph of's cat before publishing the draft short technical essay about the thing.

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EPSG:4326→EPSG:3996 buzzword buzzword triangular tesselation buzzword UV-mapped buzzword subpixel threshold buzzword buzzword reprojection buzzword buzzword WebGL.

Kinda wishing there would be a special kind of hell for people to take photographs of their computer screens instead of using screenshot tools.

Tengo que dejar de leer los tuices de y sobre porque, de verdad, me va a hervir la sangre con tanto despropósito del ayuntamiento.

Coming soon™ to a near you: WebGL-powered raster reprojection.

For extra trippy non-regular-grid conversion, look at EPSG:25833→EPSG:4326 (UTM30N→Equirectangular)

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You might be thinking "This crazy Iván sure is using some kind of regular grid for this". Well, no. Be amazed at this EPSG:25833→EPSG:3031 reprojection (UTM30N→Antarctic Polar Stereographic)

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I'm having a bit too much fun with my raster reprojection triangle subdivision thing now that UV-mapping is integrated. Here's's N5000 raster, from EPSG:25833 (UTM30N) to EPSG:3857 (mercator spherical). Deep down inside, I'm scared shitless that will come and redo this graph-edge manipulation algorithm thingie to make it like 8650% faster.

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