Missouri “Governor” Mike Parson (R) pardoned Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the lawyer duo waved guns in a reckless manner designed to provoke Black Lives Matter protesters who marched through their neighborhood to pressure then-mayor Lyda Krewson to resign. Mark McCloskey is running for Senate in 2022.

The FDA is aiming to give full approval to the Pfizer/BioNTech's COVID-19 vaccine by early September. This move will likely spawn further vaccine mandates.

Currently, Pfizer's COVID vaccine is operating under an EUA for people 12 and older.


...and inclusion of POC, LGBTQ+, non-Christians, and other minorities into the mainstream of American society.

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Paul Krugman wrote an excellent opinion column for The New York Times on the perverted definition of “freedom” that right-wingers used to justify their assertion of white (male) privilege in opposition to any and all measures to limit the spread of COVID (masks, vaccines, social distancing, capacity limits, etc.), teaching truthful American history that such efforts are misnomerized as “critical race theory”...

This Vox article nails it. While breakthrough cases among fully vaccinated persons have been increasing, the vast majority of COVID cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are from those unvaccinated (or partially vaccinated).

partially vaccinated = less than 14 days have elapsed since a person had their 2nd COVID vaccine shot (Moderna, Pfizer) or a single COVID vaccine shot (J&J). If a 2-dose regimen, then from the time of first dose to 14 days past 2nd dose.

New York City is the 1st major city to issue a COVID vaccine mandate for all indoor activities such as restaurants and gyms. The measure begins to take effect on August 16th, with full enforcement fully taking effect on September 13th.

[TW: Sexual Harassment] 

According to New York State AG Letitia James (D)'s report, Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) sexually harassed multiple women. Cuomo must go ASAP!!!


Dr. Anthony Fauci went on ABC's This Week today to warn that "things are going to get worse" in the US in dealing with COVID, especially the Delta Variant.

Fauci stated that it's primarily the unvaccinated that are driving the spread of COVID; however, he did say that breakthrough cases are happening... but usually tend to be mild or without symptoms.

He, however, mentioned that lockdowns that we saw last year and earlier this year are not coming back.


According to a 1905 Supreme Court ruling in Jacobson v. Massachusetts regarding Cambridge, MA's vaccine mandate issued in 1902 in reaction to the smallpox outbreak, state and local governments have legal authority to mandate vaccines for its citizens under most circumstances.


According to the CDC's data report that came out today, the Delta Variant is even deadlier than previous variants, akin to chickenpox. In Cape Cod, most of the breakthough cases were mild, while the real risk continues to come from those unvaxxed.


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A large COVID-19 outbreak among vaccinated beachgoers in Cape Cod, MA over the 4th of July holiday weekend prompted the CDC to revise its mask guidelines for those fully vaccinated to require them in public indoors in high transmission areas.


Vaccine mandates are coming to a workplace and business near you, especially as full FDA authorization for at least one of the current three COVID vaccines out (Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J) becomes a reality.


Acting St. Louis County Public Health Director Dr. Faisal Khan spoke at the STL County Board meeting earlier this week that featured the foolish 5-2 vote to overturn the mask mandate that is still in legal limbo at this time, and while speaking, he faced racist insults and physical threats about his heritage from the crowd that was majority anti-mask that were likely instigated by anti-masker politicians like Tim Fitch.


The NY Times reports that Donald Trump tried to coerce the DOJ into invalidating the 2020 election results by calling it "corrupt" in a bid to illegally stay in power.


"Governor" Mike Parson and "AG" and potential 2022 Senate candidate Eric Schmitt have harmed Missouri with their pandering to COVID-denialist/anti-vaxx/anti-mask elements, even as the Delta Variant ripples through the state. St. Louis City and County and Kansas City have tried to do the right thing by reinstituting the indoor mask mandate irrespective of vaccination status based on recently revised CDC guidance, only for resistance to be met.


President Biden announced that all federal government workers be required to get the COVID vaccine or face strict protocols.

Sgt. Aquilino Gonell delivered the truth bomb about who really instigated the January 6th Insurrection at yesterday’s hearing: “It was his [Trump’s] supporters that he sent them over to the Capitol that day.” It was NOT BLM, FBI, or Antifa that incited the the terrorist attack on the Capitol, but Donald Trump and his allies in office and in the conservative media in service of the Big Lie falsely declaring that he was the real winner of the election.

Mask mandates have been reintroduced for the fully vaccinated in recent days due to the rise of the Delta Variant, and there are moves to heads towards a vaccine mandate system at the local and state levels in the USA, especially in health care, government, and school settings. Those resistant to vaccine mandates often tend to be anti-maskers and/or COVID denialists.

Many of the insurrectionists claimed to support the Blue, but their actions in calling a Black cop the N-word renders the Blue Lives Matter movement for what it is: a raw, racist movement founded as a way of expressing backlash against Black Lives Matter and police reform more broadly.

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