This bill is needed to ban anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity/expression in all aspects of life, from schooling to jobs to housing, etc. Opposition to this bill is mainly based on harebrained arguments about "religious freedom."

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The Equality Act is set to be voted on in the House tomorrow, and likely pass. The Senate, however, will be a trickier road, as 60 voters are needed to avoid a filibuster (unless it gets nuked).

Dear Sen. Ron Johnson (R), it was far-right Trumpists and other assorted right-wing extremist groups that stormed the Capitol on January 6th, aided by Trump’s repeating of the Big Lie that falsely declared him the winner. No, “left-wing provacateurs” DID NOT storm the Capitol!

Last night on his Fox "News" show, Tucker Carlson baselessly suggested that the QAnon conspiracy cult is "nonexistent." The cult is in plain sight wrecking families, churches, and friendships, and that's an undeniable fact, jack!

Johnson and Johnson's single-dose vaccine has been deemed 86% effective and safe, per FDA documents. An EUA is likely expected in the near future.

Several red states are planning on following Idaho’s lead in getting transphobic bills enacted that ban trans athletes from playing in sports matching their gender identity under the guise of “protecting women’s sports.” Trans women competing in women’s sports poses ZERO threat to women’s sports, and likewise applies with trans men competing in men’s sports.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R/QAnon) launched a missive against the Equality Act on Twitter, falsely painting the bill as an attack on "women's rights," "religious freedom", and the "rights of the unborn."

Dear View co-host Meghan McCain, I get that people are frustrated that they can't get their COVID vaccines as soon as they would like, but your self-centered whining about not being able to skip the line just for being a celebrity is mind-boggling selfishness.

In 2019, the last pre-COVID season where fans were allowed in stadiums, when his Angels came into town, he got standing ovations throughout the series, including when he homered off of the Cards.
He will be a surefire first ballot HOFer when becomes eligible in 2027.

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Shortly after helping the Cardinals to win the 2011 World Series, he left for Anaheim to continue his career, mainly at 1st base, but gradually added DH duties as he got older. As for the Cardinals, they settled on various players such as Matt Adams, Lance Berkman, and Matt Carpenter to fill the void he left at 1B until Paul Goldschmidt came along in 2019.

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He won 2 World Series rings (2006, 2011) and was in another (2004) while in St. Louis.

Pujols inspired many Cardinals fans to be like him.

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Albert Pujols, per his wife Deidre on Instagram, has announced his retirement from MLB, effective at the end of this season.

Pujols gave us lots of good memories while in a Cardinals and an Angels uniform, especially that 3-homer game against the Rangers in game 3 of the 2011 World Series in Arlington and the 3-run homer off of Brad Lidge into the train tracks in Houston in game 5 of the 2005 NLCS against the Astros.

The Michael Madigan era of running the Illinois Democratic Party has come to a close, as he has resigned immediately. Karen Yarbrough will be the temporary chair while a replacement search is ongoing.

After almost a year since the first confirmed COVID death in the USA, the nation has reached the grim milestone of 500,000+ COVID deaths, per Johns Hopkins University data.

Donald Trump's speech at CPAC that will take place on Sunday will heavily hint that he'll run again in 2024, along with the tired recitations of the Big Lie falsely claiming that he "won" he election.

hands Donald Trump a big defeat, as release of his tax records by Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance is now permitted.

The twice-impeached insurrection-inciter Donald Trump will speak next Sunday at CPAC, the premier gathering for conservatives.

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